The Wii U Firmware Has Been Updated To Version 5.5.4

Believe it or not, the Wii U is still being updated. Nintendo has just updated the console’s firmware to version 5.5.4. Obviously, the update doesn’t do much. The only thing listed in Nintendo’s official patch notes is that “further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience”.



    1. Why? It’s not like it benefits US. Nintendo stopped caring about GOOD (or any for that matter) content in the Wii U, so it’s all fair game for US.


  1. My family and I love our two Switches. We also love, love, love our WiiU! Our WiiU w/our complete Wii virtual console and Wiiware library. I wouldn’t give it up for almost anything. The WiiU is the best friend of the Switch. I don’t know why it didn’t do well. It had many great titles. It’s under played/under purchased ip’s, that found new life on the Switch, are such a boon for Nintendo. It is a major reason why the Switch is enjoying soooooo much popularity. Many of the new Switch ip’s are amazing, but, the remastered ones (that never got much attention on WiiU) created a huge library, immediately, for the the Switch. I respect the “sacrifice” the WiiU made and I also just still enjoy it. They are both hooked up to my 2160 4k tv and will be for quite some time. Peace!

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  2. And I just packed up my Wii U in it’s box and threw it in the bottom of my closet… Damn! Wish they would have warned me….. ;)


  3. I still play my Wii U from time to time. It us still good console. It is what made the Switch a system like it is today. I wish the Switch had the power to turn on and control your TV set like the Wii U can. And have Netflix. And I hope one day I can get Philo on that.


  4. I loved W101. I also love 3D world. I love var suit Mario. But I like Odessey better. But one thing about Odessey that I wish Nintendo did like Banjo-kazooie- make those piece worth actually needing.


  5. This seems a little random, seeing as that Nintendo dropped support for Wii U pretty much the day Switch launched. Maybe people are still hacking Wii U but Ninty still feels attachment to it?


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