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Platinum Games clarifies and says Astral Chain won’t be a trilogy

It turns out that the recent Platinum Games interview by IGN was simply a case of a mistranslation and that Platinum Games is not planning to turn Astral Chain into a trilogy. What the company was actually trying to say is that they have so many ideas for the forthcoming game that they could make a trilogy. However, they have clarified that is not something they are planning to do.
“The article says we’re making Astral Chain as part one of a trilogy, but that’s not true. What I told the interviewer is just that I have so many different ideas that I could go even beyond a trilogy.”
“Since it was an overseas interview, what I said got translated into English to the interviewer, and then translated yet again before publication… It’s like a game of Telephone. That makes it really hard to get your intent across sometimes…”



  1. That sounds better. I prefer good standalone games before a regular/mediocre/bad first game that tries to establish a franchise before trying to be a good game first

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