Netflix Scoops Animated Cuphead Series

Cuphead, the cracking challenging 2D platformer, will be getting an animated series by the Netflix animation team. The title of the show is The Cuphead Show and it is has been created in the style of the classic 1930s cartoon shows. A release date has yet to be announced.


  1. There are plenty of ways they can screw this up, but I’m hoping for the best! Sounds potentially interesting.

  2. Strange idea. It isn’t a narratively driven game, so what kind of cartoon do you make? It’s like making a Gradius movie. Like, Gradius is great and all but how does this translate to that medium?

  3. If this has the same quality animation, since the whole point was to emulate the style of early day cartoons, I’ll give it a shot.

  4. In the style of 1930s cartoons, eh. With that in mind, each episode could just be a self-contained minimal story just to set up a series of whacky hijinks. Don’t need a big narrative to do a cartoon like that.

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