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Video: Japanese Pokemon Sword & Shield theatrical commercial

The Pokemon Company has released a brand new video to promote the November 15th release of Pokemon Sword and Shield on the Nintendo Switch. The video is a minute-long Japanese theatrical commercial that showcases the basics of the game, including the new features. We’ve included the video for you down below, so feel free to check it out.

12 thoughts on “Video: Japanese Pokemon Sword & Shield theatrical commercial”

  1. This trailer did such a great job showing off its fantastic sub-N64 era textures and non-improved stiff animations, I gotta admit I’m sold… on buying literally anything else. I haven’t played a Dragon Quest game in a long time, I think I’ll get that instead.

    1. Man, is it interesting seeing the same complaint over and over and over again. Got something new to complain about? If you give so many fucks about graphics, textures and whatnot, maybe get a PS4? Dragon Quest’s already out there, have fun.

      1. Jeremy Bird-Fremont

        they are the one’s who cited high quality animations as the reason for cutting the dex and still continue to show off relatively unimpressive graphics and mostly reused animations

      2. I mean, can you really blame them when Gamefreak says one of the reasons why they’re culling the Pokemon is for better animations when most of them are recycled? Even Hau’s animation has been reused for Hop’s character model.

        The real reason I’ve heard that seems to make more sense is that TPCi is giving more attention to Niantic after seeing the revenue GO is bringing to the franchise, and Gamefreak split their team up to work on Town so that they have something else to fall back on that isn’t Pokemon, but their biggest mistake while doing this was putting their B team in charge of Sword and Shield. This explanation also makes the article about them saying they want to take a break from Pokemon make more sense. Personally I think they should’ve waited for Sword a and Shield to be more fleshed out before worrying about another IP, having their full team focus on one game at a time. If them working on Town after Sword and Shield was completed meant it would be the only main games this generation, no third version, remake, sequel or anything I would’ve been completely content with it if it got the manpower it needed.

        1. Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to defend GameFreak and people included in making this game.
          I agree with mostly everything you say (apart from putting their B team in charge since they are more passionate about the game than the old fucks that abandoned Pokémon).
          HOWEVER all these people do is complain about the graphics and bring in comparison this one fucking tree in the demo that is clearly a placeholder / gets textured and everything since production of the game isn’t done yet.
          Also the animations in this game are pretty smooth. Have you seen the cutscenes where the gym leaders get introduced? Have you seen the character design so far? They’ve put love into this game. Just because they dont use every single Pokémon that they created (they still put in fan favourites), literally EVERYBODY is freaking out. We’re getting the national dex once Gen 4 remake gets announced next year and releases 2021.

          1. Actually… I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Since Masuda says this is a change in policy, he’s been saying that Pokemon that wouldn’t fit into the climate of Galar for it being “too cold” it’s likely that other games will follow suit. If he stays true to his word, it’s likely certain Pokemon will not be useable in gen 8 whatsoever since the next region that is due for a remake is Sinnoh, and that region is known for being one of the coldest regions in the series. Personally, I think the plan is to start each region with a limitation to the national dex to save time, then add in every single Pokemon in the enhanced version because that would mean making much more money than previous third versions, even if it doesn’t make sense with the whole climate argument they’re trying to get the fan base to believe. Either he stays true to his word and certain Pokemon get extremely unlucky and don’t get to appear in a game for several generations straight, or more Pokemon are included in when they have more time. The logical explanation is the latter but Gamefreak constantly has me second guessing with their decisions nowadays.

            1. If that were the case then I’d guess I’ll never buy a pokémon game again. I’m so tired of developers cutting edges, releasing unpolished and unfinished games. I’ll not support this behaviour.
              Also – IF we even get another Pokémon game.

        1. I clearly stated that I don’t defend, neither respect them. I’m just tired of people that just want to complain about something and constantly use the “mimimi TloZ 64- tree graphic” when it’s clearly a placeholder. This game is the first pokémon game that I’m going to skip. For those interested, World of Final Fantasy (out right now), Digimon Cyber sleuth (october) and TemTem (kickstarter, out in 2020) are giving off way better impressions.
          Also I didn’t see that video yet, that’s for linking me that. Pretty mad that they reused of all people fucking *HAU’s* animations…

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