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Japan: Nintendo is the #1 most successful gaming publisher for the first half of 2019

With the first half of 2019 now just a memory, we have been gradually learning how well Nintendo did during this time period. In Japan, Famitsu has posted a chart of the Top 5 most successful publishers of the first half of 2019. The positions were determined by the number of software units that the publisher was able to sell in Japan. Thanks to evergreen titles and new releases on the Switch, such as New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, Nintendo was able to make the #1 spot with ease. In fact, Nintendo’s 3,480,000 units sold is almost the totals of #2, #3 and #4 combined. The full chart is down below.

  1. Nintendo – 3.480.000
  2. Square Enix – 1.490.000
  3. Bandai Namco Games – 1.390.000
  4. Capcom – 890.000
  5. Sony Interactive Entertainment – 430.000




    1. Also its wonderful to see that Nintendo has done so well in the first half of 2019 in Japan sales. I think their popular titles really helped add up to that number. I wonder what the worldwide numbers are?


  1. Nintendo have been on a roll since the launch of switch.
    Just hope they can keep it up.
    I know the switch over the last couple years has been a new gaming experience coinciding with a slowing down process of current gen consoles.
    That said slowing down consoles are about to take a big leap so Nintendo need to be with it to carry on form.
    I hope so, I love Nintendo.

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