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US: Law firm now investigating Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drifting issues

North American law firm, CSK&D, is currently investigating the reports of drifting from the Nintendo Switch system’s Joy-Con controllers. If you check out the term in a search engine it seems to be a common issue affecting a number of users. With the Joy-Cons being expensive to replace the law firm is asking users to use this form to report any issues they come across regarding drifting. Only use the form if you’ve been the victim of drifting.

CSK&D is investigating a potential class action based upon reports that the Nintendo Joy-Con controller for their Nintendo Switch gaming console can experience joystick drift issues. Specifically, it is reported that the joystick on the Joy-Con will automatically register movement when the joystick is not being controlled and interfere with gameplay.

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Thanks to Brandon Rogers for sending in the news tip via the contact form.

27 thoughts on “US: Law firm now investigating Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drifting issues”

  1. I been having the same problem with 2 colors of both my Joy-Cons twice for the past few months now and i had to get mine taken in to Nintendo to fix it witch is 40$. Good thing i didn’t get the rarest Joy-Cons witch is only 80$ to fix one. Sometimes, Joy-Cons never fix itself My My Nintendo Mod.

  2. Honest questions here, but can someone explain to me why this has been such big news the past few days if this has been an issue since the Switch launched? Thanks!

    1. it seemed to really blow up after a post about joycon drift on the nintendoswitch subreddit hit some crazy 30k upvotes or something like that

  3. Yeah, it’s bad. 3 out of my 6 Joy-Cons have drifting issues and I usually use the Pro Controller anyway. Some are just unusable.

    1. And btw, they are not “investigating”. Class action law suit is like a get rich quick scheme for a lawyers.

  4. The easiest and cheapest fix is buying replacement parts and using the correct tools, unfortunately some people aren’t too keen on opening their devices because they will either break their controllers or strip the screws. Also Spawn Wave Media made a few videos about this and goes into detail how to resolve the issue in multiple ways.

    Video on why it drifts. I think this one has a fix as well.

    Older video but solution on a fix.

  5. I’ve never had a problem with my Joy Cons.
    And really, a class action lawsuit about a video game controller? That’s just stupid, especially since Nintendo will fix the controller.

    1. The issue should not be there in the first place. To dismiss this as if it’s something stupid is the stupid thing to do and that’s what Nintendo hopes will happen. People file lawsuits for plenty of other “stupid” reasons. You don’t pay $300 for a system to have your $80 controller break within a couple of months without any misuse.

      1. Unfortunately things don’t work like that. My PS4 controller drifts. My PS3 controller drifts…. it’s called use and age. My joy-cons and pro con are all fine. No drifting at all. People need to take care of their things.

        1. right but when those things show up without any type of misuse it is a problem especially after only several months of owning. This has been mass reported there is clearly an issue.

  6. I have a Switch and my stepson has one as well. We had three left joycons that got the drift problem at the exact same time. We are both past our warranty so had to pay $40 for each joycon to be repaired. I love Nintendo and they’ve always treated me right but I think this is a big problem and should repair these for free even if past the warranty.

  7. A couple of months back, I played through Odyssey. There were a lot times Mario just took a few steps to the left. It was enough to mess me up a few times.
    At first I thought it was the controller, but disregarded it as maybe me resting my thumb on the stick. But maybe I wasn’t crazy after all O.o

  8. I don’t have any issue with my Cons drifting to the left- however, my blue left Con stick sometimes won’t move to the RIGHT unless I use extra pressure. I wonder if that’s an in-house issue too?

  9. I’ve been lucky to rarely have a controller drift when I’m playing. But I am stuck with two Yellow Joy cons with broken SL and SR buttons. Does it really cost 40 dollars to fix a Joy Con? Also, I’m considering every other controller ( Especially the Gamecube controller) Nintendo made better than the Joy-cons. Because this is a little ridiculous that so many people are running into drifting and can’t simply replace one without buying another pair or trusting an off brand Joy con.

  10. I currently have newer Joy-Con and don’t experience this issue. However, on both my previous sets the left Joy-Con kept drifting. This started happening when Let’s Go came out so the trainers would randomly walk off wherever it was drifting to. I’ve tried to clean them in all sorts of ways but nothing’s worked. This is so common an issue that Nintendo should have addressed it by now.

  11. Hey,
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