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Nintendo sees quarterly profits drop 10%, Switch software sales impressive

The latest Nintendo financial results are in and while annual profits are up for the Kyoto-based company, the Nintendo Switch has not managed to achieve the company’s two year sale-projection. As it stands the company has sold a total of 36.9 million units. Software sales for the Nintendo Switch have been extremely promising though. Sony also revealed today that their PlayStation 4 system has now sold over 100 million units. So it’s all good news for the video game industry as a whole. Here’s the details:

Net revenue climbed 2.4% for the period to ¥172,111 million ($1.58 billion) from ¥168,157 million ($1.54 billion) yen. However, operating profit took a hit, falling from ¥27,428 million ($253 million) to ¥30,535 million yen ($281 million).

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    1. Well then, definitely don’t think about how much pharmaceutical companies make!

    2. The more promising Nintendo Switch is gonna keep continuing boosting sales, the more consumers they are gonna bring in for there latest console. I don’t know about you, but I’m still predicting Nintendo Switch will make a full impact soon late this year on its sales and on Nintendo’s financial profits.

  1. I wonder if PS4 would be over 100m if they never released the Pro. *shrug* Doesn’t really matter at this point. Not like I can travel to another reality to see how things might have been different.

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