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Nintendo 3DS YouTube app closing 3rd September

YouTube and Nintendo have confirmed that the Nintendo 3DS YouTube application will be closing down on the 3rd of September. It will come to a blow to those who use it, but if you rely on it to watch videos it’s advised to use the browser on New Nintendo 3DS and set it to mobile. Apparently this works extremely well.


6 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS YouTube app closing 3rd September”

  1. Ah, as i suspected. The Nintendo 3DS is still being supported from Nintendo. The system will be in its last leg soon. But, at least we can still access this app on our new 3DS.

  2. If you had a New 3DS, this app was pretty much useless anyway since the web browser worked even better than this. Not sure if things changed since the last time I used it 2 years ago though.

  3. Ever since an update a few months ago, the app was unusable.
    I couldn’t linger on the home page for too long or else it crashed. Hitting the Youtube home button crashed it. Playlists crashed it. Certain videos crashed it, either right when you clicked on the video or once the video was about halfway finished. Being on the app for a prolonged period of time crashed it.
    Good riddance.

  4. Yet another nail in the 3DS’s coffin. Not that I use it for anything other than games (mostly RPGs) anyway.

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