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The Pokemon Company says Pokemon Sword & Shield info coming 7th August


Those of you wanting to hear more information about the upcoming mainline Pokemon title for the Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Sword & Shield can expect new info on 7th August. The news was announced this afternoon via Twitter. The news will drop at 6am PT which is 2pm in the United Kingdom.

26 thoughts on “The Pokemon Company says Pokemon Sword & Shield info coming 7th August”

  1. Unless this says that the national dex is coming back a lot of people are going to go mad regardless of what is shown.

    1. Mr.Krabs with a mustache

      Don’t really care about National Dex, I just hate the gimmick. Dynamaxing, seriously?

      1. Yea I’m not thrilled about the dynamaxing and gigamaxing gimmick. I was excited when wild raid pokemon could do it, but it was such a turn off when they revealed we could as well.

      2. I’m not too bothered about the national dex either as long as there are a decent number of new PokĂ©mon. Yeah it’s not the most amazing gimmick but it’s ok.

      3. I don’t really care about National Dex either. Giant Pokemon also just seems weird. I’d much rather them just be normal size if they’re doing a new spin on temporary form changes.

        Although I’d generally prefer additions to the game that aren’t just temporary (regional variants, new evolutions to old pokemon, etc) over gimmicks like Z-moves and Megas since it seems obvious at this point that stuff like that only hangs around for a generation or 2.

        There’s so much more you could do with regional variants and evolutions for old pokemon that aren’t that great, and many other new pokemon form gimmicks you could easily come up with like Primal Fossils (playing on the theory that fossil pokemon are all rock type because the fossil is affecting their type, and there’s a way to regenerate them in their original form without rock type, possibly with stronger ancient abilities or something).

  2. There is no way that they have any new news that is going to quell the anger the majority of fans are experiencing right now. You can’t go to pokemon twitter or Reddit without it being everywhere. Never before has the majority of fans united in anger against pokemon. This new info better be walking back previous statements.

    1. Twitter isn’t a place if you’re looking for sane human beings. Reddit on the other hand is full of elitists and trolls.

      1. You’re right on the money about Reddit, but have you seen GAMEFAQS. Not a single bit of intelligence on that board. Everyone in a single thread (minus the TC) is “that guy”.

        1. Nope, I haven’t I’ll just assume that they are some kind of journalist site/channel and I don’t pay them any mind after IGN and their …. questionable reviews.

    2. There is no way that they will be reversing any decisions this far into development. The game is virtually completed. The best any of these angry people can hope for is that they put change things for the next game.

      1. And with that said, it’s ridiculous to have to even wait that long. I gave zero-attention to the Gen 7 anime, now I have to skip both the anime AND the games? Sadly enough, even Yo-Kai Watch can’t measure up to quality.

        We really need more Pokemon-like franchises, just like the old days:

        Digimon, Monster Rancher, Flint the Time Detective, Bistro Recipe (Fighting Foodons), Mon Colle Knights, Keitai Denju Telefang. Even ones I know very little about, like Dino Device, Bugsite, Legendz, Pluster World, Onmyou Taisenki, and Robopon.

  3. Around this time before Sun/Moon’s release, we first say Alolan Forms. I’m hoping Gen 8 has another gameplay gimmick to look forward to, perhaps showing us the real reason why it’s challenging to bring in all pokemon (changed 3D models and animations, given what we know so far, don’t seem to make any sense as a reason that having more pokemon creates more work).

    Not a huge fan of dynamaxing, but I could totally get behind something like:

    Old pokemon reworks:
    Reworking pokemon to give them unique abilities and movesets to better match their dex entries and try to make them more unique from eachother. Especially as the dex gets bigger and bigger, pokemon blend together more and more in their battle functionality, so unique abilities and moves like Sun/Moon started to do would set them apart and provide a better baseline for future development. Gen 1-3 pokemon especially are in need of a stat rework as well, as they were designed pre-physical/special-split and thus have stats that don’t make sense in the newer system.

    A TCG inspired Tag-Team mechanic:
    Would allow tons of pokemon to pair up and use unique moves with unique animations and get hand-picked stats. This would allow many new and old pokemon alike to team up together in double battles to be considered as essentially one pokemon, and could allow even using first or second form pokemon in competitive battles. For example, the card game has Tag Teams like Charizard & Braixen, Piplup & Blastoise, and Venisaur & Snivy. Hand picked stats for these combos would also allow for combinations you might think are weak to be very powerful and competitive, as opposed to a system where the tag team stats are automatically determined, which would most likely end up favoring pairs of pseudo-legendaries over more interesting and fun pairs like Delibird & Rolycoly (Santa & Coal <3)

    Both of these would make a lot of sense as a reason to cut old pokemon temporarily (balance is hard, and you want to make sure the direction you're moving in is solid in one game before applying changes to every pokemon, and combinations of tons of pokemon together would be hard to do all at once) and would be a lot of fun to use.

  4. So what? You already confirmed there will be no new Mega evolutions. Let me guess, you got Ash’s name wrong yet again?

  5. If I see derp-face Milo McMusclesDisproportionateToFacialExpression, Miloch rain, and OOT trees on more time, I’m gonna flip!

    Give me are reason to buy this game over Spyro Reignited Trilogy, and still buy future Pokemon games.

  6. I hope it’s to, if not to delay the game, at least announce that they will start working on updates to the games to add the National Pokedex & the missing Pokemon to it over time. The last time they talked about Pokemon they said they wouldn’t be doing this and I think that’s where some, if not most, of the ire toward these entries is coming from. Least that’s what’s annoying me the most about these entries, anyway.

    I know I gave Mario Tennis Aces, or rather Nintendo, some flack for doing something similar when an update added a new intro cutscene to the game. I chalk it up to just being annoyed that they were doing something other companies have done, or rather, still doing and I expect better from Nintendo & their subsidiaries. Sadly, this is the new reality. That & in Ninty & other companies that do this defense, sometimes they come up with good ideas that they want to add but either didn’t come up with at the time or they ran out of time to add to the game during development.

  7. Byron Jeancarlo Guerra

    Idk, I don’t really care much that the national dex isn’t available but Gamefreak could easily remedy that slowly if they need the time by updating the game to have different raid battles and more Pokémon from different regions spawn in the wild area just like in Pokémon Go when we have regional weeks. They could even possibly add rare legendary raids to keep postgame interesting and have players come back and revisit the game, it’s worked great for Niantic so it could work for Gamefreak. Idk, just an idea from a longtime fan.

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