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Famitsu: Here’s the closing comments from the first review of Astral Chain


As we discovered Wednesday the first review for Platinum Games stylish action adventure title, Astral Chain came in from Weekly Famitsu. The game was awarded a very respectable 37/40 with the four reviewers of the game coming away impressed with the overall experience. Today, the full closing comments from each of the reviewers is here and they are well worth a read if you are considering picking up the game on the 30th August. Our review of Astral Chain for the Nintendo Switch will be published very soon. Here’s are those all-important closing impressions:

1st reviewer: The presentation is flashy, cool, and meaty, I got continuously pulled in even from the introduction. The beautiful graphics are top-notch, and the science fiction police story is also interesting. The investigation part using “Legion” makes my senses tingling on finding out what happened, and I also become addicted in purifying areas despite them looking plain. The battles make use of the background setting which is connected by chains, I felt really good in controlling them. I’m also glad with the customization in the Guardian mode. 9

2nd reviewer: The “Dual Action” is interesting as you fight by controlling the protagonist while using “Legion” to control important places. By switching Legions and weapons, you can split the usage of various battle styles which is fun. Actions using the “Chain Bind” which uses chains that connect Legions also give a good accent. The content is not completely devoted to battles, as you can also use Legions for investigations which is good. Being able to have 2-player co-op is also awesome. 10

3rd reviewer: The protagonist has a position like a beast tamer who controls “Legion”, but as you fight together, you will think of them as reliable buddies. As you use the Legion chains, launching attacks at the perfect timing is extremely exhilarating. Each and every action is very cool. Each Legion has its own characteristic, so you’d fight while switching between them depending on the enemies and stage gimmicks which is also fun. Using Legions in not only battles but also scene investigations is also somewhat different and interesting on its own. 9

4th reviewer: The all-direction method of creating [the game] that assumes a broad range of player base is awesome. You can adjust the play style (difficulty) in detail based on your skills, so even if you’re bad at action games you can taste the mood of becoming good in them. The “Chain Actions” are also fresh, as they can be used in not only battles but also investigations which make them interesting. Although I felt a bit of complexity in the controls, the presentation is overally good with a sense of presence, so I got excited just by holding the controller. 9

Total score: 37/40



  1. This might be, after Fire Emblem Three Houses and Oninaki (which reminds me of Xenoblade 2 – the menu sound is exactly the same lol) one of my most anticipated games for 2019.

      1. No, not yet unfortunately…
        I’m currently playing the Black Eagles route after finishing the Church route and Blue Lions. And to be honest, the Black Eagles route feels kind of lacking… No cinematic after the timeskip, the whole scene with Claude ( don’t wanna spoil for others ) and still no reveal on who the Death Knight actually is – it’s only being hinted at by a Paralouge and Dialouge.
        Nontheless it’s really fun and I hope that the Lunatic difficulty comes around soon since I find myself not even planning and just charging in there with Stride :b

        1. Totally agree with you that the Black Eagles are lacking. Makes me wonder if it was just made to be the bad guys route, and you would preferably choose everything else first.

          1. Oh, don’t you worry, the Blue Lions have captivated my heart. I came to like Felix, Dedue and even Mercedes (her character seemed really shallow) and naga damn it, the ending was amazing.
            The whole scene with the dagger really hit me.

              1. Nah, was just a play in words – instead of “god damn” it’s “naga damn” since they don’t really have a “god” in the traditional fire emblem timeline, sorry for the confusion, lol.

                1. Heh, good one. I was just too stupid to pick it up, no reason to apologise. I’m going to play Golden Deer now. Hope it is better than Black Eagles!

                  1. Oh boy, my brother plays the Golden Deer route, let me tell you something. It gets WILD !
                    Have fun with it, hopefully I’ll play it soon.

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