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Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2020

Nintendo’s final Direct announcement was one that you may not have expected. Xenoblade Chronicles will be coming to the Nintendo Switch as Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. The game will release in 2020. The official tweet is down below.


  1. This was a pleasant surprise. Sold my 3ds copy for some much needed cash. Never been able to finish it on Wii or 3ds lol its just such a massive game. I hope this means Chronicles x is possible too

    1. they’ve said they likely won’t port X in the past, and if anything this’dve eaten its slot

  2. I was legit moved to almost tears when they announced this.
    This game is already amazing and gorgeous, now the more shallow parts of the game (the character models) will match, AND I can play it on my switch. :)

  3. Was a manager at Gamestop when this came out. Couldn’t get anyone to preorder for the life of me, even though it was GS exclusive. Maybe *finally* the game will reach its full audience.

  4. I think this was my favorite announcement today. I never played it and almost sprung for the Wii U eshop one but never pulled the trigger because it was digital lol. I’m glad I can play the enhanced version !

  5. Bought on Wii & 3DS and I’ll buy it a-fucking-gain! And I’ll play through it all over again, too! I hope giving it a makeover isn’t the only thing they did & are also fixing the New Game+ to where we can decide not just what items get carried over but whether we carry our levels over, too! (That was my ONLY issue with the game on Wii & 3DS was the NG+ made subsequent playthroughs kind of broken.) I’ll let the levels return to 1 but keep the arts maxed out if that’s a thing. PLEASE BE A THING!!! I hope the 3DS features are also added. I wonder how we’ll unlock the music & models if that feature is in this definitive edition, though, since you could use streetpass coins to unlock them on 3DS.

    I wish Pandora’s Tower & The Last Story was getting this treatment. :/

    1. The Last Story might have been possible if Mistwalker didn’t start catering to nothing but phone gamers.

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