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Luigi’s Mansion 3 getting paid DLC for new content in ScareScraper and ScreamPark multiplayer modes


The official Luigi’s Mansion 3 website is now live and it reveals a little more about Nintendo’s plans for the game post release. We’ve still got a while to go before the spooktastic game is released on 31st October, but the company is planning to add additional content to the game’s new multiplayer modes. It’s not clear if it will be one off DLC, or a season pass, but new content will come to both the ScareScraper and ScreamPark multiplayer modes. You can view the Luigi’s Mansion 3 site here.

  • Paid DLC will come to Luigi’s Mansion 3 in the future, adding new content to the ScareScraper and ScreamPark multiplayer modes.



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  2. DLC for multiplayer isn’t usually the best solution. If it’s stages and stuff that excludes non-DLC players from entering, it will only split up the player base.

      1. Well, yeah it could mean, but that’s just up to chance really. Even though we pay for online, we don’t actually get any servers afaik. We’re playing with P2P, which makes laggy online quite a reality. Just one person in a match can make it laggy for all the others.

  3. Playable Daisy and/or Waluigi would be nice (and unrealistic of me to expect ).

    Seriously, is it too much to ask that Luigi specific counterpart characters actually be included in a Luigi centric game?
    How many more rando toads do I have to suffer before Nintendo is satisfied?

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