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Mario Kart Tour will be playable on iOS and Android on Wednesday around 1am PT


Nintendo has announced on the Mario Kart Tour Twitter account that the first mobile Mario Kart game, Mario Kart Tour, will be released at around 1am PT on Wednesday. That’s 8am UTC and 9am BST. The account says that you will be able to download the game before then, but the racer won’t be available to play until the times specified above. Let’s hope Mario Kart Tour does the Mario Kart franchise proud!


    1. I don’t understand why people still don’t understand what smartphone games are and what home console games are.
      MK Tour will be a nice toilet-racing experience to pass some time on the dump VS MK8 is a couch-experience to play with friends locally by passing around joypads.
      MK8 can never go everywhere MKTour is going (or actually thanks to the Switch it could even be that toilet-racer) especially not for free. And MKTour will bever deliver any home-console gaming qualities due to it being a free-to-play game that has to come up with completely different mechanics to keep you going.
      Its only mission is to bring more Mario Kart into your life away from the Switch but expect auto-accelleration, several mechanics to make steering easier on a tocuh screen, in game purchases and ultimately all the other things people have to live with when playing mobile games like calls coming in in the middle of the game, notifications popping in and so on.

      People are asking forever why Nintendo isn’t doing Mario Kart, Mario or Zelda on phones. This is the reason. It can’t be the same experience as it wouldn’t work on that platform. Maybe mobile devices are about to shift a bit as there are some developments like stadia and apple arcade ongoing. But right now, I hardly doubt Nintendo would even support Apple’s API for MFI controllers which would turn MK Tour into a damn cool racing game. But would nintendo really want ANYONE to play MK with a Playstation 4 pad? Of course not, so we have to stick to touch screens.

      Please people stop expecting anything else than the common smartphone game.

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