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Dead Cell sales on Nintendo Switch are “insane” and total sales are 2.4 million


Destructoid managed to catch up with Steve Filby of Motion Twin at PAX West to chat to him about how Dead Cells has been performing. Filby stated that the beloved indie title has now shifted an incredible 2.4 million copies and that sales of the game specifically on Switch are “insane” and “completely ridiculous.” He says that the game really lends itself to the platform.

As for Nintendo Switch sales (I had to ask!), he said “Switch is insane, it’s completely ridiculous. The game really lends itself to that portable, one-more-run [style].”


3 thoughts on “Dead Cell sales on Nintendo Switch are “insane” and total sales are 2.4 million”

  1. I absolutely love this game, and it’s such great news that the switch version is so successful.

    I’ve also played the ori demo and that game is remarkable.
    Surely Microsoft will bring the sequel to the switch as it’l be like dead cells sales all over again.

  2. I reckon this was the same story for Hollow Knight… Which is why Hollow Knight Silksong is coming first to the Switch.

    I hope this will also be the fate of Untitled Goose Game

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