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Sensor Tower: Dragalia Lost has earned $106,000,000 in its first year of availability

Sensor Tower has, once again, released some more Nintendo mobile data. This data relates to Dragalia Lost, which launched on September 28th, 2018. According to Sensor Tower, the game has earned $106,000,000 in worldwide player spending in its first year of availability. $60,000,000 of this total came from Japan, $23,000,000 from the United States and $12,500,000 from Hong Kong. As for platform, $62,000,000 of the total came from iOS and $44,000,000 from Android devices.

Unfortunately, there are signs that Dragalia Lost is losing popularity. Sensor Tower says that “August 2019 was its lowest grossing month yet with just over $3,000,000 earned, compared to the $25,000,000 it made back in October 2018”. An image of a worldwide player spending chart can be seen down below.



  1. The 1st Anniversary Celebration is great right now. It’s really been a lot of fun this last year.

  2. Dragalia Lost looks like the sort of game I’d love to play on my Switch with a more conventional control scheme.

    As it is, my phone doesn’t have that much space to begin with and Fire Emblem Heroes gets priority.

  3. help… can somone helps me, please.
    i dont catch it, i see zhis number frm dragia lost or fire emblem heroes 618 Million… so they realy make with this mobile game so much money.
    If this is true the make x time more money with that than the real games.
    So mario kart 8 ultimate sold 18 Millions (the game price is about 60$)
    so it makes 1.080 Billion. (and that is the best selling game)
    Its more money but these games need a lot of more time, you have physical Disc etc. So Nintendo gone be rich :-)
    so the make more money with mobile games.

  4. Glad others can spend so much money on it so I don’t have too 😋. Kidding aside I thought about buying something, anything just to support the game. It’s one of the most fair when it comes to the gatcha and they are so generous with the gifts. It’s pretty addicting to boot.

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