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Activision announces fourth Grand Prix season for Crash Team Racing which starts tomorrow


Activision has announced on its official blog that they are gearing up for the fourth Grand Prix season in the challenging Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled. The new season will of course be Halloween themed and is titled Spooky Grand Prix. It kicks off tomorrow 4th October at 7am PT / 3pm BST. You can read all the details, right here.

This season introduces a host of new rewards that can be earned by completing challenges, earning Nitro, and filling your Nitro Gauge throughout the season.  There’s a special new challenge type this season – track down some spooky spirits with Ghost Hunt! For the duration of this Grand Prix, breaking certain crates will release a mischievous ghost that was trapped inside. Catch up to the ghost to capture it and complete Grand Prix challenges. The more of these crates you break, the more ghosts will be flying around and the more challenges you can complete! As a note, you will only be able to see the ghosts you have released, and these spectral beings won’t get in the way of your racing. They are there to be captured if you dare!


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