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Video: Ten minutes of Overwatch footage on Nintendo Switch docked and undocked

A number of gameplay videos have emerged of the long-awaited Overwatch running on the Nintendo Switch platform. The game, which has enjoyed immense success on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, will be heading to the Nintendo Switch later this month. GameSpot has a ten minute video of the game in action running in both docked and undocked mode and it would appear as though the team has created an exceptional port. Reviews should hopefully go live shortly!


  1. I’m interested in how it runs online with the P2P server… really it it isn’t terrible.

    1. It’ll be using Blizzard’s dedicated servers. The data is also saved to the server, like every other version of the game (which is why there’s no need for cloud saves, it’s tied to your account).

      1. Oh really? damn, guess I’m gonna go for that version as well, I can’t really aim well with a mouse, lol :b Still got to ~ 3000 SR, maybe I’m gonna do better on switch, who knows – Thanks for the heads up bud !

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