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Digital Foundry goes hands-on with GRID Autosport for Nintendo Switch


The team at Digital Foundry is always busy testing out the latest and greatest games for the Nintendo Switch. This time they have turned their attentions to GRID Autosport on Nintendo Switch. The team says this is the best game in the racing genre for the Nintendo Switch, and while it may not be perfect, the team has done a good job at optimising the game for Nintendo’s latest system. Here’s a quick summary:

The resolution docked runs at 1920 x 1080, or if you play in portable, you’ll get a resolution of 1280 x 720. There’s also a graphics and performance mode to select from within the game menus, and this will further alter the experience. Last of all is a bonus energy saver mode, which is exclusive to handheld play.

On the frame rate front, the game docked in graphics mode runs at a mostly stable 30fps, but can experience the occasional spike and dip. If you play in performance mode while docked, you can expect anywhere between 45 to 60 fps. In portable mode, the energy saver and graphics modes are much the same. As for the performance mode on the go, the frame rate is similar to the fps when docked.

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1 thought on “Digital Foundry goes hands-on with GRID Autosport for Nintendo Switch”

  1. Such a great game. I play it in graphics mode while docked and it looks spectacular. Best racing sim on Switch by far.

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