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Nintendo on remakes for Switch: “We have no clear policy” but says they’re a “Valuable asset”

A fair amount has been said recently regarding Nintendo’s stance on remakes for the Nintendo Switch console. Speaking to investors, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said that the company has no clear policy regarding remaking titles from its vast back catalogue of games and said that they consider all their past titles a valuable asset.

“Regarding the future, we do not have a clear policy such as keeping on releasing remake titles. On the other side, as we have continued the game console business for over 30 years, a lot of customers have played them and there are past titles that have remained in their minds; our company considers this to be a valuable asset. While nostalgia is a big appeal, providing new gaming experience and fun factors are more essential even with remake titles. What I think is extremely important above all is whether the developers who create them have the passion of “wanting to remake” or not. In a recent example – The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening which you have mentioned – I think it has been favourably valued by customers worldwide for its nostalgia and newness.”

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13 thoughts on “Nintendo on remakes for Switch: “We have no clear policy” but says they’re a “Valuable asset””

  1. I can think of plenty of remakes that would be awesome and would also bring new elements to today’s gaming.

    For example: let’s have a remastered HD trilogy of the prime games as prime 4s far away in the galaxy at the moment.

    1. I honestly do no think it qualifies for a remake at this stage. A remake is when you bring a game that is 5+ generations old and use a new engine to recreate it such as Zelda Link’s Awakening.

      The trilogy could be a port yes but there won’t be much appeal and would sell like to crap and Nintendo doesn’t want that.

      Since Prime 4 will use a totally new engine to make, maybe years after the developers can use this new engine to recreate the first three Prime games which will give the players more reason to get it. It will be current and will have solid controls and so on.

  2. Well, they are a few remake titles that i want to see on the Switch system.

    Remake of Diamond and Pearl
    Remake of F-Zero X
    Remake of Super Mario Sunshine
    and remake of Kirby air ride.

    1. Diamond and Pearl is inevitable in like 2021 since there is a pattern for pkmn remakes.

      From what it seems, F Zero fans are not so many but they sure scream the loudest. Every one and their mom wanted a Pikmin 3 but when it came out it bombed hard. Same with Star Fox 0.

      There is no appetite for such games. Period.

  3. There aren’t many Nintendo games I can think of now that haven’t received remakes but would benefit from one. Years ago I would have said Metroid II but we got Samus Returns two years ago (and to a lesser extent AM2R). I’d rather see some new entries in franchises that haven’t been touched in awhile: Custom Robo, Elite Beat Agents, F-FRICKIN’-ZERO… hint hint nudge nudge Nintendo…

  4. For the most part, I don’t really care too much about seeing something in HD. I do however, love seeing pokemon games remade so the new mechanics and pokemon can integrate in an old setting, and I also really like the ability to play old games online as my friends and I no longer live close enough to hang out over a weekend and play games in person.

    My tops are:
    – Pokemon Platinum (why do they always remake the originals instead of the enhanced version?)
    – Kirby and the Amazing Mirror (great game, but the original’s multiplayer was awful due to link cables. Having it online multiplayer would allow a lot of people to enjoy multiplayer for the first time without random disconnects regularly
    – Kirby AirRide: Online City Trial. I’d even be happy with AirRide 2 if it stayed faithful to the original and maybe added some better on-foot action
    – MP1-8: The old ones made by Hudson Soft are definitely better than the ones that have come out since (9-Super). I just want some good MP games with full online compatibility, aka online boards with friends.

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