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Japan: Fire Emblem Expo II announced


Intelligent System, the team behind the critically acclaimed Fire Emblem series, has announced it has plans for another Fire Emblem Expo. The Fire Emblem Expo II will take place in Japan and details will be coming via the event’s official website on 22nd November 6pm JST. We shall endeavour to update you once we know more.



3 thoughts on “Japan: Fire Emblem Expo II announced”

  1. I wonder what are they going to announce since Three Houses will still be supported by DLC until Q2 2020 while Heroes has its own FEH YouTube channel for announcements.

    iirc during the first expo they announced an orchestra.

  2. I’ll take a double remake of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade & Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade! I’d love to see them better connect the two games by having Lyndis either play a small role in Binding Blade or get a proper mention. Same with Nils & Ninian. Obviously the mentions of these characters in Binding Blade will be different depending on who you pair Ninian & Lyndis with. Maybe even a side story for Blazing Blade where Ninian & Nils discover that Nergal is actually their father. Probably won’t happen but it’s nice to dream.

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