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6 classic games are coming to the SNES & NES Nintendo Switch Online collection on December 12th

It has been 3 months after SNES games arrived to Nintendo Switch Online. Since then, Nintendo has been quiet. Well, the company has decided to break the silence with the announcement of 6 classic games that will be coming to Nintendo Switch Online on December 12th. 4 SNES games, which includes Star Fox 2, and 2 NES titles were announced. You can see the official tweet, which includes a list of all 6 games, down below.



  1. So nice to see the under-rated Breath of Fire get some much deserved attention. Though sadly, since the 3rd and 4th games in the series were Playstation Exclusives, I doubt those will come to the Nintendo Switch.

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      1. Yeah but see; The main reason Crash Bandicoot made his way to Nintendo is because they kept making new games and once the Sony exclusive deal ended, it was a matter of time before he hit Nintendo.
        In addition, the original Crash Bandicoot games are still Playstation exclusive, the only reason he got onto the Nintendo Switch was because of N Sane Trilogy.
        But with Breath of Fire…the only way I can see 3 and 4 coming to the Nintendo Switch is if they straight up re-release them for the system. They can’t be on NSO because they were never on the Nintendo 64 or Gamecube. The only other ways I can see it happening is if they decide to A) Make a collectors edition like with Devil May Cry or B) They remaster 3 and 4 similar to what Activision did with Crash Bandicoot 1 through 3 and Crash Team Racing.

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