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Japan: The Nintendo Switch has now outsold the PlayStation 3


New video game data released for Japan has shown that the Nintendo Switch family of systems have now outsold Sony’s legacy system, the PlayStation 3 in Japan. The Nintendo Switch has now sold 10,432,570 units in Japan, and as of 2016, the PlayStation 3 had sold 10,248,867 units. The next target for the Nintendo Switch is for it to outsell the Wii which is at 12,739,119 units.



  1. If you think about the amount of time the Vita was supported in Japan, where it was a mild success, I think the switch is gonna keep on receiving third party support in japan for a veeeery long time. I think it could potentially sell more than the ps2, since we are less than three years into its cycle, and it´s almost halfway through the 23 million mark.

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