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Gleamlight devs say game still in early development when responding to Hollow Knight comparisons

Many of you took notice when Gleamlight took the limelight in the Indie World presentation. The similarities to the acclaimed adventure title Hollow Knight were hard to ignore. Polygon contacted the publisher behind Gleamlight and expressed the opinion that they and legions of other felt the game borrowed too heavily on Hollow Knight. Here’s the short response.

“‘Gleamlight’ is still in development and it’s not final at this moment,” the representative said. “The dev team is aware of ‘Hollow Knight’ but the game has nothing to do with that title,” the rep continued.



  1. Thing is, when I think of stained glass I don’t think of dark, sullen corridors like in Hollow Knight. My mind goes to brightly lit and opulent cathedrals. An air of regality y’know.
    As of now this looks so shamelessly Hollow Knight that it’s doubtful to be a coincidence, it’ll have to be something they shape into their own through development.

  2. I highly doubt they’re trying to rip off Hollow Knight. Sure, this game has some visual similarities (that purple area looks a bit like Crystal Peak, and the constant vignette around the character is similar), but I really don’t think it’s as bad as people claim. I’ve played a LOT of Hollow Knight, and this doesn’t bug me. If I were to complain, it’d be that Gleamlight has some very unpolished animations and the combat looks slow and uninteresting (but it’s a work in progress, so I’ll hold judgement until the final game).

  3. The only thing about this game that resembles Hollow Knight is that it uses multiples layers, and it’s a Metroidvania. It gives off similar vibes, sure, but it’s obviously going for its own thing

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