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Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga trailer

Today TT Games and Warner Bros released a brand new trailer for Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. The trailer coincides with the final film airing in cinemas and is the perfect time for the game to get even more exposure. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga features all nine of the films in the Skywalker Saga which they say are “reimagined with iconic and irreverent LEGO gameplay and humor.” Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is due out on Nintendo Switch sometime next year.



  1. So is it the original two lego star wars plus a new one for the Disney movies? Or is it all new?
    I might consider picking this up if its got the previous two games in it.

    1. it’s all 9 films and it’s all new.

      they’ve confirmed new mechanics across all 9 films. & it’s 5 episodes per film. you can start any trilogy. so it’s all new by the sound of it (also confirmed to be in new engine) though it’s possible they may heavily reuse assets and design elements from lego force awakens and other older games.

  2. Really rolling my eyes at how heavily they’re trying to rebrand the movies as “The Skywalker Saga”.

    So desperate to get ahead of the curve so that whatever movies they do next won’t seem less important by comparison. Sorry, they’re going to either way. Trying to downgrade the classic story into one small part of a currently empty (since they de-cannonized the books) universe does not do anyone any favors.

    1. It’s not even the Skywalker Saga at this point anymore if you decide to treat the Disney Trilogy as canon. It’s basically the Palpatine Saga since the bastard has basically been made the big bad of all 9 main films and E9 even ends with Rey Palpatine as the hero. Rise of Skywalker, my ass.

  3. No thank you. If I get a Lego Star Wars game, it’s gonna be The Complete Saga that only has Episodes 1-6. The Disney Trilogy of Star Wars can kiss my ass. (It doesn’t deserve to be called the sequel trilogy in my eyes since E9 basically made everyone’s win in Return of the Jedi utterly meaningless, ESPECIALLY Anakin’s. Fuck you, MaRey Sue! It’s basically fanfic with a Mary Sue at it’s heart. Others can like them (I mean, there are tons of bad movies I like so I can’t fault people for doing the same) and that’s fine. People are allowed to like things just like people are allowed to hate things.) TRoS has made me hate everything Star Wars made under the Disney umbrella so even Rogue One is now fruit from the poisonous tree and I wholeheartedly enjoyed that film. As for any other Star Wars games, the only ones I care about are Shadows of the Empire (already got it on Steam), Episode I Racer (in my Steam wishlist; the sequel sucks), The Force Unleashed I & maybe II (in my Steam wishlist), & the Rogue Squadron games (got Rogue Squadron 3D in my Steam wishlist.) I might get the 2 Knights of the Old Republic games (also in Steam wishlist) as I haven’t ever been able to play them since they were exclusive to Xbox & PC but I hear they are great games.

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