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NPD: Grand Theft Auto V, Minecraft and Mario Kart 8 are the leggiest games of the decade

The NPD Group’s Mat Priscatella has listed the games in the United States which have had the most legs during the decade. Some games just keep selling despite having been released some time ago and these games are described as games with legs. They include titles such as Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft which were released a long time ago but just keep selling like hotcakes. You’ll also notice The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is included in the list below.



    1. Actually there is a year zero.. when you are born you are zero years old.. I guess if you wanted to play the “nobody really knows” when talking about the first year ever, you could, but generally when counting in base 10, you start with zero and end at 9.
      0-9= 10 years


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