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GameStop’s internal system now has 10+ new Nintendo Switch SKUs

A brand new year has finally arrived, and it begins with an increasing likelihood that a Nintendo Direct is about to happen. One big sign that a Direct is close is an update to GameStop‘s internal system. Well, it has been discovered that 12 new Nintendo Switch SKUs had been added to GameStop’s internal system earlier today, which will only add fuel to the Direct speculation. To compare, GameStop added 18 Switch SKUs before the September Direct, and they added 21 SKUs just before E3 2019. It’s also possible that GameStop could add even more later, like they did before that September Direct. As always, when a Direct is announced, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, a tweet relaying the SKU news is down below.

14 thoughts on “GameStop’s internal system now has 10+ new Nintendo Switch SKUs”

    1. They better. But at this point, it’s the boy who cried wolf. If they announce the final Fighters pass fighter, I’ll find out on My Nintendo News or something. I would rather miss the opportunity of finding out when the world finds out than risk sitting through one more direct only to find out there are no Smash announcements.

      1. Mr.Krabs with a mustache

        Well, I don’t really care if it’s smash or not. A lot of Nintendo games are going to be shown in this direct unlike TGA. Plus, the final DLC character will release February

      2. Well if it makes you feel any better, every Direct since the announcement of the Fighters Pass has had either a tease or a fighter reveal

  1. 12, ok

    Botw 2
    Super Metroid remake
    New f zero
    New 3D Mario
    A Wii u port
    New ori willows game
    Pikmin 4
    New star fox game
    Metro redux
    Res 2 remake
    And errmm……. new dk game to round of the trilogy.

    Probably none of the above apart from metro redux.

      1. Yeah, other ports are fine in my book. No use turning back to the Wii U pages for more games.
        New stuff for sure and there is plenty in the pipeline.

      2. But we barely had any wii u game ports last year, I honestly can’t even name two cause the last one we had was new super mario bros u which was in early 2019, the ports don’t hinder the actual switch games because they aren’t made by the same devs, nor do the effect the switch games being made in progress

    1. It won’t be that many new games. There’s a new SKU for each unique product, this includes separate SKUs for standard and special editions. BOTW will have at least 2 SKUs.

  2. First it’s SKUs, then Direct date announcements (if any), then prediction videos, then the actual Directs, then several articles on this site, followed by a crap ton of reaction videos, and then summary videos.

    Then radio silence.

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