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Platinum Games says Astral Chain sales exceeded expectations

The action-packed and visually attractive Astral Chain has performed better than the developers over at Platinum Games expected. The news comes from an interview with Platinum Games, Takahisa Taura, in the latest edition of Weekly Famitsu. Here’s what was said by Mr. Taura:

“Fortunately, Astral Chain has sold more copies than we initially expected.”

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  1. What do you know…
    If you put hard work, dedication,fresh ideas and love into making a game people will love, buy, enjoy and recommend it to others…
    If only other companies would copy a few things from PG we’d have more games that I we can actually enjoy and I finish.

    1. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather have a version where in order to play a level you need energy which recharges at a rate of 1 every 5 minutes (or you can pay $2 to refill now!) and progress is gated behind randomized rewards (Pay $5 to get what you want now)?

  2. As it always is. Nintendo gamers always buy games. Happy new year everyone. May Jesus bless you.

    1. Pretty sure that was never the case. They even made an art piece thanking the fans for good sales a little bit after the game released.

      1. I must’ve missed that part.
        Regardless; I’m happy to hear this game is getting the recognition it deserves because I’ve finished it a couple days ago and it exceeded my expectations… and my expectations were already pretty high.

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