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Game Freak moves closer to Nintendo’s new Tokyo office

Pokemon developer Game Freak has now moved closer to Nintendo’s new Tokyo office. The new development is located in Kanda-Nishikicho in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward and the move would be beneficial to both companies. It isn’t clear whether Game Freak and Nintendo will be sharing office space or whether they will just be located close to each other.

“Currently, our group is divided among four offices in Tokyo for operations including development. This separation of locations is inconvenient in terms of operational efficiency, and for that and other reasons these locations will be consolidated into a single office together with a part of our group companies to create a system that can boost operational efficiency.”

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa

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3 thoughts on “Game Freak moves closer to Nintendo’s new Tokyo office”

  1. This is a good move. Maybe with Nintendo having more involvement with the main series Pokémon games will push the series forward.

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