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Kamiya says that “there is no [content] in particular that we want to add” to The Wonderful 101 Remastered that wasn’t in the original

The Wonderful 101 Remastered’s Kickstarter has already been funded for multiple platforms, including the Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, game director Hideki Kamiya did an interview with Gematsu to talk about the game. One topic involved additional content, such as DLC, that the original version of the game didn’t have. You can see Kamiya’s response in full for yourself down below.

“In terms of the base game content, we are still very happy with the amount of content in the game and we feel it has a lot of content. So there is nothing in particular that we want to add, but the biggest thing we want to change is tweaking the game’s interface to make it more user-friendly. It’s possible we could add some aspects to Unite Morph, new game modes, maybe new characters through stretch goals, but for now expect the same base game. Anything content met through stretch goals will be in the base game at release, not in downloadable content later down the line.”


4 thoughts on “Kamiya says that “there is no [content] in particular that we want to add” to The Wonderful 101 Remastered that wasn’t in the original”

  1. I’m really curious if they’ll decide to do more stretch goals since it hasn’t been 24 hours yet and it’s already got nearly a million. This has the potential for an entire sequel to be funded from this alone.

    1. It has the potential to create enough funds to start production on a sequel, but nowhere close to funding the “entire” sequel. I think you underestimate just how expensive it is. A couple million gets eaten up lightning quick just to normal salaries and payroll taxes over the two-ish year dev cycle.

  2. Aren’t they advertising a DLC 2D episode that explains some character’s origins as a stretch goal though? I’m certain there wasn’t something like that in the original. I have it, I just haven’t played it; it’s in my backlog.

  3. Then how come you have “$1.5 million Luka’s First Mission – a new 2D side scrolling adventure staring a young hero.” as one of the stretch goals?
    That pretty much sounds like a new game mode to me.

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