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Nintendo’s Shuntaro Furukawa says that 30% of Switch Lite owners already owned a Switch

Shuntaro Furukawa, president of Nintendo, gave some interesting information about the Switch Lite to investors in a Q&A. Furukawa says that 30% of people that bought a Switch Lite had already owned a Nintendo Switch. Prior to the start of the holiday season, it was at 43%. New Switch Lite owners also had a common factor. They had previously played a Pokemon game on a handheld system. Furukawa also revealed that “women account for a high percentage of consumers who are choosing to purchase Nintendo Switch Lite as their first system in the Nintendo Switch family”.


4 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Shuntaro Furukawa says that 30% of Switch Lite owners already owned a Switch”

  1. Nintendo is quiet too quiet. They up to something. They are acting as if PS5 and Series X isnt coming out and is just hyping up Animal Crossing.

    They up to something.

    1. Why would they be bothered about those consoles right now? No one knows what they are actually like, other than more powerful than what was out previously, and unless something extraordinary happens neither will be anywhere close to the Switch’s install base for at least a couple of years. They’ll be a direct soon to announce more new games for the rest of this year if that’s what you’re worried about.

    2. This isn’t 1996 when Nintendo used to make a console to compete against Sony. Nintendo is on their own league, and neither of its competitors can touch them on the mobile aspect.
      Microsoft and Sony make computers disguised as consoles. Nintendo is the only company that’s made something unique.
      And Nintendo knows that. Sure, everyone and their dogs know the company has been cooking a beefier Switch. But because it is BEEFIER (supposedly), there will be titles that can only run on this so-called Switch Pro, rendering the Switch we bought and have been playing useless and Nintendo doesn’t want to fragment the Switch audience that way.
      So that is one thing. Another thing is the fact that developers tend to embrace new tech to enhance the visuals of their games. So in order to keep the Switch an alternative worth of those devs’ attention, the Switch “Pro” will show up in the future. Again, not to compete against the others, but to remain relevant on the gaming market. Meanwhile, nVidia might be taking the time to figure out some magical hardware capable of delivering true-HD gaming on the go, while maintaining 3 to 5 hours of gameplay but I personally wish they took the time to come up with a partnership with IBM in order to deliver a battery technology capable of keeping me far away from the wall plug and playing my Switch Lite for longer than 3 hours.

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