The ESA says that Nintendo is “committed to participating in E3 2020”

The countdown to E3 2020 has not been a good one for the ESA.  Sony has already announced they are not going to be at E3 for the second year in a row. Then, earlier today, the ESA’s official site for E3 2020 leaked, and Geoff Keighley announced that he will not be participating in E3 for the first time in 25 years. With just 4 months until E3 2020 is supposed to begin, E3’s future is not that certain.

The uncertainty only grew when it was discovered that, when the site leaked, Nintendo was not seen on the exhibitor list. Well, the ESA has put out a press release saying that “several leading video game companies have already committed to participating in E3 2020″, including Nintendo. It was discovered later on that Nintendo’s Doug Bowser had confirmed the company’s participation in E3 2020 in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter a few weeks ago, saying that “we look forward to participating in E3 2020. It is one of many ideal venues for us this year to interact with people in a social and immersive environment. Every year, we base our approach to E3 on the content we have to share”.

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  1. Of course! Nintendo really does make E3 so worthwhile and I love seeing the content that they bring to their showroom floor. Nintendo seems to really have a great time with it too and loves to make the most of it. Looking forward to their presentation this E3.

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  2. I think I know why E3 has stagnated… It’s because software has stagnated. Most new games are nothing unique and the other games are usually stuff that’s already been announced. There’s no surprises.
    Of course, new hardware announcements can still be a thing at E3 except… Well, seems like the big 3 are announcing on their own time these days.


  3. Looking forward to N3, I mean E3

    Seriously though, as a long term gamer e3 has always been the biggest gaming event for years, but lately it has dwindled down a bit.
    But theres been so many changes over recent time with Sony skipping out and Nintendo holding their own directs etc, so there’s going to be an impact on the amount of news that’s showcased at such an event.
    Let’s just hope that Nintendo make the most of this e3 and make it something really special.
    I would hate for e3 to end up being something that goes to once every 2-3 years as it’s always nice around the middle of every year to have such a big get together for all the big gaming companies.


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