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Kitase-san says he would love to remake Final Fantasy V next


Game Reactor recently had the opportunity to chat with veteran Square Enix producer Yoshinori Kitase about the Final Fantasy VII Remake for the PlayStation 4. The team asked Mr. Kitase which Final Fantasy project he would personally like to remake next and he replied that it would be the Super Nintendo title, Final Fantasy V.

“Let’s say you have the money, the team, and even the resources you had with FF7R, and you have the chance to remake any other game. Which one would it be?”

“(Laughs) Ok, so first of all, you have to promise you’re not going to write an article saying Square Enix is remaking Final Fantasy something, something… It’s just a purely personal opinion, just so you understand that”, Kitase-san made very clear to Gamereactor first of all. “With that caveat in place, the first Final Fantasy that I worked on myself was Final Fantasy V, that hasn’t been remade with the more realistic kind of approach yet, so I think it might be quite interesting to do a FF5 remake someday”.


15 thoughts on “Kitase-san says he would love to remake Final Fantasy V next”

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    1. I’d support that. I absolutely love Final Fantasy X, including the battle system, but compared to Final Fantasy XII (the other Final Fantasy on the PS2), FFX hasn’t aged quite as well. I’ve played through the remaster on Switch recently and and a bunch of things rather annoyed me that I wasn’t even aware of back then. FFXII, on the other hand, is still perfectly playable, even today, and I didn’t quite have these frustrations playing it on Switch.

      What FFX definitely has going for it, though, is that it has one of the best and most emotional stories in any Final Fantasy to date. Just for that alone, I think it would deserve a proper remake. Regarding the battle system, I don’t even think they’d necessarily have to change it entirely, though if they could manage to pull something off that had the same amount of depth while generaly being faster/having a better flow, I would appreciate it. Oh, also that Blitzball game would have to be remade entirely. I do like the idea of having a sports league that you can participate in, but the game itself is really lame. It’s fun for, maybe, a couple of games, until you eventually have an overpowered team and just keep playing it over and over to get Wakka’s ultimate weapon. Heck, I don’t even think Blitzball really needs to play like an RPG. I would appreciate it way more if it was just a simple skill-based sports game, inspired by Handball and Soccer.

      1. Yeah, I totally agree with you. One other thing that I loved with FFX was the level-up system. That you could borrow from each character. That chocobo race thing could also benefit from a remake…

      2. Gosh, yeah, that Chocobo racing game is painful. I didn’t even realise it originally, because I played the PAL version of the game on the PS2, which runs slower than the NTSC version. That somehow made the Chocobo game a whole lot easier. Replaying the game on the Switch with proper speed, I really noticed how hard that challenge is. I wasn’t able to get a 0:00:00 time even after gazillion tries.

        Definitely a lot of areas that FFX could be improved in. I’d say it would benefit a lot from a proper remake.

      3. I’m for a FFX remake if it means fixing all of those god awful mini-games (Blitzball isn’t too terrible (still needs some work, though) but the rest are… ugh!) to be less painful to play through if you are trying to get every character’s ultimate weapon.

    1. I keep saying the same thing, VI is literally the best FF game ever. The only reason anyone has ever put VII over VI is because of the visuals that VII had at the time compared to VI’s 2d sprites.
      Anyone who had actually played through 6 and 7 all say FFVI is the superior game all around, from story, villains, all the way to characters and lore.
      What other game do you literally get to suplex a damn ghost train boss…

  2. If any game deserves a remake, it has to be Final Fantasy 6. That game is absolutely amazing but considering the scope of the original game, it would be a massive undertaking to remake it with as much content as the original. Not only was the story really long with essentially 2 worlds but there’s over 15 playable characters and that’s not even counting all the espers you can get.
    I think it doable but my gosh it would be a tall order.

    1. From what I’m hearing, FF7 is a pretty massive game, too, and is why Squeenix went with the episodic approach instead of one full game. If this is true, I don’t see why they couldn’t do the same for FF6.

      1. Eh, I don’t think it’s quite that simple with Final Fantasy 6.
        The episodic release for Final Fantasy 7 can be done mainly because that game has 1 hell of a following that will be more than happy to pay for multiple releases provided that each game feels like it’s worth the asking price.
        But with Final Fantasy 6…that would be 1 hell of a gamble because while that game does have a good following, it’s nowhere close to the following Final Fantasy 7 has.
        I mean hell, if you showed a picture of Celes or Locke to your modern fan, there is a chance they will have no clue who it is but show them a picture of Cloud or Sephiroth and they will almost always know exactly who it is. I still remember when Locke was revealed for Dissidia NT and a good chunk of people that played the game had absolutely no clue who he was.

        1. I think a remake of FF6 is dependent on how well FF7R does. If each episode is well worth 60 bucks a piece and is able to get not just most of FF7’s fans to buy them but new customers too, it would not only get customers to trust Square Enix with remakes done this way but would also give Squeenix a reason to try with remaking future games, like FF6, as they’ll know giving a good game for each entry that makes the price worth it will get tons of people (not just fans) to buy.

  3. So rather than remake the best FF game out of the entire series with the best villain, characters, and only decent story that ever came out of a FF game, FFVI btw, they instead wish to skip over that and do one for FFV?!
    Square you F!@#ING RETARDS!

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