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CD Projekt Red announces new Witcher game will be developed after Cyberpunk 2077


The team at CD Projekt Red has announced that they will soon begin developing a new game set in The Witcher world after development of Cyberpunk 2077 has finished. The company said in a recent interview that that have created a “clear concept” for a new single-player Witcher game. Now that Geralt’s story is complete the new game will focus on new characters in The Witcher universe.


4 thoughts on “CD Projekt Red announces new Witcher game will be developed after Cyberpunk 2077”

  1. It was inevitable that this would happen eventually. Way off mind, and it’ll certainly need a revamped switch for this next gem version. Exiting stuff

  2. Way too early to announce a game this big. I mean, it will probably be in development for at least three to five years, and announcing it this early will only lead to impatient fans. Don’t really get their decision to announce it before even starting development.

  3. While RPG Hacker has a very good point, I’m still excited by this news. I want to see what endings for Witcher 3 they decide to make the canon ending for Witcher 4 to be a jumping off point for. Will the new game follow Ciri or an entirely new character? If not Ciri, did she decide to go to Nilfgaard with her father so he can groom her to take over the empire? If Ciri is the main character, did she go on to become a Witcher or an important member of the Lodge of Sorceresses..? Did Nilfgaard win the war & take over the north, or was Radovid never assassinated and thus Redania was able to defeat Nilfgaard which allowed Radovid to take over the North? If Radovid won, is he still trying to wipe out all magic users..?

    I’d say the best option is to have Radovid win since he seems far worse than Emhyr does and would make more sense as a big threat for a new trilogy. Least Emhyr isn’t trying to wipe out all magic users & letting pogroms continue so the non-human races can be exterminated from their world.

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