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Nintendo says that post-launch content for Animal Crossing New Horizons might shift due to the coronavirus pandemic

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been a great help to people that have had to socially distance themselves and self-quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic. So far, the impact that the pandemic has had on Nintendo‘s 2020 release schedule has been minimal, but that may change. Animal Crossing New Horizons director Aya Kyogoku and producer Hisashi Nogami talked to The Washington Post about the pandemic’s impacts on the game’s post-launch content. The pair said that development on the updates is still going, but there’s some uncertainty. They said that “we’re not sure if we have to shift anything, but I think we have to be flexible”. Currently, the dev team’s hours have changed in an effort for them to avoid rush hour train traffic. Nogami said that “in terms of the development team, I do have to think about their health and well-being as well”.


26 thoughts on “Nintendo says that post-launch content for Animal Crossing New Horizons might shift due to the coronavirus pandemic”

  1. Good, I’m glad Nintendo has their priorities straight. I think the game has enough content to miss some events.

    1. …wouldn’t be a problem if they had at least the first few months of holidays already in the bag on release in case of a crisis… Like what if it was something else. A zombie apocalypse? What if they all got nuked, then who would update Animal Crossing…

      Sorry, I realized how absurd my comment was halfway through, then ran with it.

  2. Work from home and don’t harm people that purchased this full price game with limited content that had promises of updates. I’d hate to have to get a class action going.

    1. lol.
      Wheres the class action on…
      (endless list of games with promised post-launch content that were delayed and dropped)
      I mean, you can go ahead, lawyers get theirs in either case.

    2. You’d drop a million litigating it, and stand to gain pennies if you won. It goes like this.

      Judge: “Ok, so you were convinced by a false promise to buy the game. Seems fair. What are your damages? Specifically, what percentage of the entire game does the delayed content account for? 0.03%? Ok, since the retail price is $60, each of the participants in the class action suit gets 18 cents.”

    3. Imagine threatening legal action over animal crossing…

      Now I want to see a spin off game that could be kind of like Phoenix Wright but in the Animal Crossing world. A bunch of animal lawyers and you get to be a villager judge lol

    4. Considering the world is dealing with a pandemic then any excuse for the delay of content would be regarded as reasonable, so a lawsuit would have no merit.

      But go ahead and tie up the courts with these nuisance lawsuits.

    5. Are you seriously threatening to file a class action just because events in a video game are being delayed? Words can’t even describe how ridiculously stupid you sound right now…

    1. Months. Not 18 months. Just months. Possibly 18 months till a vaccine, and that’s long balling it, but it is expected to curveball and get better potentially before a vaccine. That we don’t need a vaccine, we can kill it by being smart and limiting its spread. We’ll eventually get over the hump, and cases will start to decline, and then lockdown will end. The more people adhere to good practices, the faster we get over that hump.

    2. 10-12 weeks is the common timeline, but that is a precautionary timeline itself. If the spread of the virus starts to drop, like it already has in the earliest countries to get it, we could see that timeline shorten as well.

  3. I’m glad they’re taking measures to decrease the likelihood of catching that damn virus (which has no business existing at this point, if I had any say in the cosmic scheme of things). However, until one of those updates allows for cloud saves and the ability to transfer your island in a system transfer (currently it doesn’t- your island is LOCKED to whatever Switch you start it on), I’m not indulging on the game.

    1. That seems completely fair. With how much time it takes to collect stuff and hit goals in the game, a corrupted game would be enough for me to stop playing until the next installment. There needs to at least be a way for game data to be backed up that you can’t manually access if they’re worried about cheaters.

      1. Funny you should mention cheaters. A glitch has already been found that allows you to duplicate items. My roommates have been doing it a ton already. If one player goes to pocket a furniture item just as another player spins it, the game registers both actions happening and it ends up creating a duplicate of the item in the inventory of the player who went to pocket it. No online required- they were doing it in local co-op on one Switch.

  4. A pandemic is raging around the planet and could kill millions of people before it burns out. A company is taking some tiny measures to try to limit its spread. That might cause slight delays in additional content for a video game. And people are up here in the comments whining at the company about it? Good job confirming every horrible thing folks say about gaming culture.

    1. Personally I love people complaining of crippling anxiety and depression because they’ve been isolated for days… I’m a writer who works nights at a gas station to make ends meet, I’m 32 years old. Over the past decade I’ve lost all my friends to this or that… life. And my family I haven’t talked to them in years because of abuse.

      I have been completely isolated for literally years, against my will (I’ve tried everything to put myself out there), and people are complaining about a couple days… Try half a decade on for size! Having literally no one to interact with outside of work, no one cares about you at all. No one loves you… You’re all lucky… your isolation is only temporary.

      1. I’m a stay at home dad of a 5 year old (6 in June) , 4 year old, and 2 year old, who typically spends my day with them without a car. I am also 32.

        I feel like we understand each other in a way most people don’t.

      2. +Andrew Geczy
        Okay, this is weird, I’m also 32, live alone, and pretty much spend my time in isolation.

    2. There is only one person up there complaining about Nintendo taking preemptive measures. Thinking Nintendo can get sued for closing their stores temporarily for an international crisis is absurd.

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  6. This game is complete as is.

    Ya’ll though my this is a PlayStation game that has 20% If it’s entire content released for launch?

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