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Atlus survey asks fans about a western localisation of Persona 5 Scramble


Atlus has taken to asking fans whether they would be interested in a western release of the fairly recently released Persona 5 Scramble on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The company has sent out a survey asking players about their interest level in the action-packed video game game and whether they would purchase it if it came here to the west.

20 thoughts on “Atlus survey asks fans about a western localisation of Persona 5 Scramble”

  1. This PROVE you want it shit is getting old. I figured it was at least an obvious given on the PS4 the franchise’s home platform and at that point just put it out for everyone to get Xbox PC and Switch.

  2. They already promised localization and they know that porting p5 to switch will satisfy fans and make them $$$. They just want the publicity.

    1. I am sick and tired of the asking If I want something. Isnt obvious that the SWITCH is a successful system? The switch can sell bottles air if they want to. Atlus do you like money? If so, just release the thing! STOP asking!! Do people ask if they want it on PS4?

    2. Is this a joke? They seriously think they need to ask if fans want the newest Persona game to be localized?

      I’m almost starting to wonder if this is a troll move. They can’t be that clueless can’t they?

      1. Yeah you’re right. It’s a shame Nintendo isnt working on any sequels like a BOTW 2 or Metroid prime 4……

      1. They told us when the game was in development that it would come to the west later. They literally want their fans to beg.

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