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Jump Force Deluxe Edition will be “up to 30 FPS”, dynamic 1080p in docked mode, & 720p in handheld mode

The specs for the Nintendo Switch version of Jump Force have been revealed. Bandai Namco’s Japanese site for the game, which will release on the Switch as Jump Force Deluxe Edition, says that the game will be “up to 30 FPS”. In docked mode, it will have a dynamic resolution of 1080p. When in handheld mode, it will be in 720p. Jump Force Deluxe Edition will release on the Nintendo Switch in 2020.

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  1. “Up to 30 FPS” really sounds bleh. Especially considering this is a fighting game. Even the fact that the game is using Unreal Engine 4 is barely an excuse, becasue other UE4 fighting games managed to run at 60 FPS on the Switch.

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  2. Lol well there goes my purchase. I’ll wait to see if the reviews confirm bad performance. I already skipped it on PS4 either way so no loss, it didn’t originally do too well either way.


    1. It was garbage for 1996. Up to that time, the universal standard for video games was 60fps for NTSC regions, and 50fps for PAL. I didn’t understand at the time why people were willing to trade both quality of performance AND a dramatic reduction in overall art quality in exchange for extremely crude 3d bricks made of triangles. There’s a reason games like FF7 and OoT need remakes but Super Nintendo games rarely do.

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      1. I’m not talking about 2d sprite based games (which probably also didn’t run at 50 or 60fps) or arcade games. 30 fps in 1996 was standard for most 3D games. So don’t act like you mostly played 60 fps in 1996!


      2. “I’m not talking about 2d sprite based games (which probably also didn’t run at 50 or 60fps)”

        Uhh… Yes. They did. They ran on the same refresh rate as the television, which is the same refresh rate as the electrical system on that country. Why you would say this when you can so easily google it, I don’t know. NES games ran at 60 fps in the United States.

        “So don’t act like you mostly played 60 fps in 1996!”

        I wasn’t a rich kid. Like many, many people, I did not get a 3D system until the Christmas of 1997. So actually, I played *exclusively* 60 fps in 1996 with the exception of playing the demo of Super Mario 64 at Fred Meyer.


  3. Why dont the developer go to Nintendo how they can work a weak console and get 60fps ? And if Nintendo doesnt have the tine to show them how to do a small footprint then they should had thought about 2021 when the NX was in R&D.


  4. Guys let’s just agree here that the only thing this should be proving nintendo is how a switch pro is needed.
    Switch pro specs matching something you can play on Xbox/PS4 would mean ports like these can utilize the extra power to run these games at that better quality.
    Trust me when I say there are going to be a few more game surprises coming to switch and that in turn will turn more people to buy the switch, if they can capitalize on that then the switch can continue its hot streak.

    Oh and please fix the dang joycons. Literally worst controller ever.
    Switch pro should
    *have a slightly bigger screen/less bevel
    *better quality build
    *better quality joycons
    *Dock V2, Ethernet port, 4usb, better design with a better ventilation.

    I have more ideas but I feel I’m ranting. Feel free to add more if you want tho.


    1. I like where you’re going with the new design, but let’s be real. If the developers of jump force were better they could make it work at a minimum of 30fps no matter what console without going below. Do you remember when the game released on other consoles and the models were clipping everywhere and even the Japanese audio wasn’t even close to being synched up properly with the characters’ mouths when they talked?

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      1. I started using these off brand gamecube-like joycons from Amazon cause my kids wrecked my OEM joycons. Their quality is slightly lower, naturally, but the handles have actual shape to them and frankly being comfortable to hold for more than 5 minutes is worth sacrificing some button feel.


    2. While I would love a switch Pro, I have some objections.

      “Oh and please fix the dang joycons. Literally worst controller ever.”

      Either you don’t know what “literally” means, or you’re just factually wildly incorrect. There have been innumerable worse controllers. Shoot, the joycons probably wouldn’t even break the top five worst controllers *made by Nintendo*. Remember, the Powerglove was a real thing that existed.

      “*have a slightly bigger screen/less bevel”

      Disagree on the premise. A Switch Pro should, IMO, be console only, just as the Switch lite is handheld only.

      “*better quality build”

      Non-issue with a consolized Switch.

      “*better quality joycons”

      IMO again, a Switch Pro would naturally ship with a Pro controller, particular if it is a dedicated console.

      “*Dock V2, Ethernet port, 4usb, better design with a better ventilation.”

      All of these are easily non-issues with a consolized Switch.


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