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An inactive Best Buy listing for a Switch version of Super Mario 3D World has appeared

The Super Mario rumor mill has been churning at an increasing pace the past few weeks, and the latest development is only adding fuel to the fire. Twitter user Wario64 has revealed that an inactive listing for a Nintendo Switch version of Super Mario 3D World has appeared in Best Buy’s databases. The only information that the listing has is a price of $59.99. Retailer listings for unannounced games have a hit or miss record, but a Switch version of the game has been rumored for a good while now. You can see Wario64’s tweet about the listing down below.

21 thoughts on “An inactive Best Buy listing for a Switch version of Super Mario 3D World has appeared”

    1. $60 is a bit much for double dipping otherwise its fair for those who skipped the original version but then again people wanted the Switch to be like $150 but are fine with taking out a mortgage for an Apple product.

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    Best Buy already leaking the full Nintendo Direct.

  2. I reeeeeeally hope 3D Land is included in some way, I liked it way more than 3D World. Plus, it’s better value in the end.
    I might get this anyway, 3D World is fun.

  3. Won’t be getting this as I have it on Wii U. Loved it though. Probably favorite overall 3D Mario game. I’ve heard a lot of people complain about it. I’ve never heard anyone quantify a clear problem with it.

  4. Best multiplayer I had on my WiiU to play with everyone, we played this game so much I can’t even count, hope it really comes with more stages and who knows even one new character (probably Toadette as ever but it’s not a problem to me). Even with the game completely the same I will still like to have it to play with everyone again and again like years ago, and this time 4 players because I only had 3 controller on my WiiU. Really fun game to play with company~

  5. 100% it fully already, then lost interest in it completely. Traded it in for pretty good credit. I did like Rosalina being playable though. But porting this, hell no! Sick of ports cause it means no new, actually good, ideas will come in.

    1. Theirs nothing wrong with ports considering the fact that people who make them aren’t the same ones who work on the first party titles, so it doesn’t hinder new ideas or dev time, and a lot of people wanted this game on switch it’s been one of the most wanted ports to begin with, I do however respect your opinion though

  6. Nice. Retro must have been working on this port before they got handed Metroid Prime 4.

    Basically I’m saying that Funky Kong will be added as the 6th playable character. He can float like Peach, spin like Rosalina, jump as high as Luigi, and run as fast as Toad.

  7. I will buy this game for 2 reasons.
    1. Because it’s a brilliant game
    2. Because it’ll look great in my switch collection.

    It’s gona seem a little pricy I know as with a lot of the wii u ports, but there’s those yet to experience it, you can always hold off until it’s on sale I suppose. I’m just glad to hopefully have it added to my switch collection.

      1. I played odyssey, but stopped playin part way through coz had so much other stuff to play. It’s good.
        I played 3D world right through though, but then I had a lot less wii u games. There both good, but 3D world is more my game

  8. I still have my Wii U and the games for it. So I’m not going to need it.
    Two reasons why. I like the feature of Blowing into the mic on Wii U version to allow certain features in Toad’s Treasure Tracker. I just don’t think the Switch has that feature.
    But I am glad it is coming to the Switch.

    It is a really great game.

  9. I’ll probably have to wait for a little while, but I’ll definitely be getting this. That is, of course, if the rumor becomes the truth.

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