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(Update: patch notes released) Animal Crossing New Horizons has been updated to version 1.2.0a

Update: The patch notes have been released. You can see them down below.

General updates

  • The following visiting merchants can now visit the island.
    • Leif (gardening shop)
    • Redd (Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler)
  • Added seasonal events.
  • Addressed issues to further ensure an enjoyable gaming experience.

Remember the big Animal Crossing New Horizons update that was announced earlier this week? Well, Nintendo has just released it. After updating, your game should be version 1.2.0a. This update adds multiple island visitors, including Leif’s Garden Shop and Jolly Redd’s Treasure. The Museum has also been expanded to include an Art Gallery. You will also be able to take part in Nature Day on April 23rd, the first of 4 in-game events that had been revealed this week. The patch notes haven’t been released yet, but when they are, we’ll let you know.


15 thoughts on “(Update: patch notes released) Animal Crossing New Horizons has been updated to version 1.2.0a”

    1. }{ The reason it is being received differently here is specifically because it is Animal Crossing. Since people plan to play this game over a long period of time anyway, having it a little bare at first and then filling up over time feels pretty natural even if now there are updates involved… }{

      1. ^this comment, difference between AC games and other games is that their really is no completion goal, theirs no end to the game your only dissapointing yourself if you time travel far into the future (which isn’t the idea way to play) if anything nintendo fans have been upset that we been receiving games that don’t have the full content all in one instead of receiving constant update on said game, I suggest fred stop being so one sided and see this as a problem that all videogame companies do.

      2. imagine still shilling for nintendo after all this time. before 2014 nintendo slated the practice of DLC and that they would only release finished products. now look at them, every major game has a season pass

    2. +Fred Flinstone (@FredFli64523076)
      Did you forget the time when Splatoon 1 and Mario Tennis Aces released and people complained the game was too bare bones due to them updating the game post-launch?
      Also, what games has Sony released that have been bare bones at release? The only 1 I can think of is Street Fighter 5.

    3. I’ve literally never heard this moan about Sony games in my life. But in cases where I have heard people complain about this, it’s because the game as released felt rushed and unfinished. The likes of SMM2 and AC:NH felt great at launch, and post-release updates just serve to improve the game further. That’s the difference.

  1. The two features I’ve been missing from New Leaf were the Art Gallery and deep sea diving. Only a month in, and we already have the art gallery back, couldn’t be happier about that lol. Now I just hope diving comes back. New Horizons is really the best game for these kinds of updates, because people will casually be revisiting every day anyways. No one is speedrunning the game and awkwardly having to be dragged back into playing lol

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