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Warface on Nintendo Switch gets 32 player Battle Royale mode

The official Warface blog has informed users that the first person shooter has been updated with a new 32 player Battle Royale mode. As the name implies it is you against everyone else and you’ll need your wits about you to come in first and eliminate the other opponents. Here’s all the details direct from the game’s blog:

There’s a new update on the game server! The Battle Royale mode is a unique game mode, completely unlike any of the others. Your goal is to eliminate all opponents and be the last survivor. But it won’t be easy: at the beginning of the round, all you’ll have at your disposal is a melee weapon, and if you want to equip yourself with something more serious, you’ll have to hurry!

  • Everyone is on their own. No friends or teams here: you’ll have to act alone!
  • Melee weapon at the beginning of the battle. All players begin the match with only a weapon for close-range combat. Look for special boxes with weapons and keep your eye on the sky: a plane flying by might drop some very precious cargo.
  • Danger on all sides! Besides your opponents, you’ll be threatened by a constantly shrinking area, beyond which certain death awaits. Keep moving to survive!
  • Quick, dynamic matches. A single match lasts just a few minutes, but that time is full of adrenaline!
  • No room for error. Once your character dies, the match is over for you. Think about each step you take to survive.
  • 32 participants. That’s how many players can take part in the battle simultaneously. That’s two times more than any other PvP mode!


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