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Game Freak’s Little Town Hero: Big Idea Edition delayed

Little Town Hero: Big Idea Edition, from Game Freak and NiS America, has been delayed. The physical bundle which includes an art book, poster, pin set and more, will now release on June 23rd in North America and in Europe on 26th June. The title was originally released on Nintendo Switch digitally on October 16th last year.


10 thoughts on “Game Freak’s Little Town Hero: Big Idea Edition delayed”

  1. BanjoKazooieMain874

    As someone who played this game, I can honestly say it’s quite bad. The only redeeming quality is the music, which is actually solid. If you didn’t know, this is a deck building game. I was pissed when I learned that. Also I hope you like RNG, because this game has a fighting style that revolves a TON around luck.

    Bad game. I’ve said that about maybe three games ever in my life.

    1. +BanjoKAzooieMain874
      Considering who the game came from, I can’t say I am surprised.

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