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Nintendo Switch has now sold more than GameCube and Nintendo 64 combined

The recent Nintendo Switch sales figures revealed by Nintendo shows that the hybrid system has now sold more than the excellent GameCube and Nintendo 64 consoles combined. The Nintendo Switch has shifted 55.77 million units and the Nintendo 64 and GameCube sold 32.93 million and 21.74 million respectively. That’s extremely impressive, no? The Nintendo Switch has even outsold the Super Nintendo system and it achieved this milestone over the holidays. However, it is 6.14 million behind the Nintendo Entertainment System.

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5 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch has now sold more than GameCube and Nintendo 64 combined”

  1. As long as Nintendo and other developers continue to pump out games for the Switch, I doubt its sales will stagnate anytime soon. …Excepting a number of circumstances, of course, like the current pandemic.

    I can only hope that, during this radio silence by Nintendo, they have more going on besides BotW2.

    …Like a new F-Zero, for once.

    1. I hope they don’t do a Wii all over again. The Wii was on its pass of surpassing PS2 sales, but Nintendo stopped supporting the system like a year before the Wii U came out, so its sales momentum died pretty fast

      1. “It already slowed down massively. It was pretty obvious”

        This is factually not true. The biggest month ever for Wii console sales was in December 2009, with New Super Mario Bros.

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