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The Nintendo 3DS has shipped 75.77 million units worldwide

Nintendo has revealed this morning that its excellent Nintendo 3DS handheld console family has shipped 75.77 million units worldwide since launch. These numbers come from the the latest fiscal quarter report which began on 1st January 2020 and ended on 31st March 2020. This means that the Nintendo Switch which sold 55.77 is just 20 million behind the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo also announced that 383.11 million pieces of 3DS software have shipped to retailer since launch.


7 thoughts on “The Nintendo 3DS has shipped 75.77 million units worldwide”

  1. I’m a bit surprise that Nintendo 3DS life cycle is still hanging on since its release and Nintendo is still continuing shipping millions of Nintendo 3DS. Since the 3DS won’t get any new games since Nintendo has no further plans on doing, I’m still looking forward for Nintendo Switch future and what’s next for Nintendo.

  2. 690,000 systems sold in the fiscal year isn’t shipping “millions of Nintendo 3DS”. The thing has no expected sales for fiscal 2020 (what we’re in now), so it’s likely only to get a few 10,000 systems shipped. Most likely production has ended, and the remaining stock is being shipped to retailers as Switch Lite is replacing it whether or not fanboys want to admit it.

  3. I love my 2ds I play it I also take every were I go also the eshop house I can download alot games I enjoy play also
    Llov the internet have have a lot of fun so thank you and to everybody thank you for all you hard work

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  5. The 3ds kept Nintendo afloat and relevant during the unfortunate WiiU sales slump, and a Nintendo 3ds even saved my life once (yes really). It’s underpowered charm will remain relevant to me forever but sadly the majority do not feel the same way. For those like me that don’t wish to put their 3ds down just yet….there are some new (2020 released) games for “New” 3ds that have gone unnoticed, unadvertised, and just plain ignored. Join me in my quest to bring attention to a hidden gem that is just waiting to be discovered. Power up your “new” 3ds/2ds and pop into the eShop. There’s an indie survival horror (silent Hill/resident evil type game but about UFOs and aliens) game made by a one man low resource studio called “Silver Falls: 3 down stars”. Due to a mistake the launch version was horribly broken and full of glitches, these versions were reviewed and trashed online. Since then the games developer has worked nonstop on update patches to fix his game. As of now the game is nearly fixed. The newest update 1.3 has been released in Europe and fixes the last major glitch as well as adds 40+ hours the the “frontier fighters” mode (raid mode/wave mode/mercenaries). This update is otw for “Nintendo of America” territory but the Corona virus has delayed it’s release. “Silver Falls: 3 down stars” is imo an unbelievable achievement from a low resource one man studio, it deserves so much better than the treatment it’s gotten. Give it a look on YouTube gameplay video , MAKE SURE it’s the version 1.2 gameplay video. I’m quite sure you’ll be surprised that this exists. Thanks to anyone that read this. ๐Ÿ‘ฝ

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