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Nintendo says it has more undisclosed Switch titles to release this year but coronavirus could impact this

Nintendo president and CEO Shuntaro Furukawa stated at the Nintendo investors Q & A session that the company has other undisclosed titles set to be released this year, although the coronavirus pandemic could well impact development as developers are currently working from home. We have already heard rumours from several publications that Nintendo plans to release a number of Super Mario remakes/remasters this year for the Nintendo Switch, though this has not been confirmed by Nintendo themselves.

17 thoughts on “Nintendo says it has more undisclosed Switch titles to release this year but coronavirus could impact this”

  1. “…has other undisclosed titles set to be released this year…” Let’s hope so, right? Even with impacts, I would hope Nintendo had summer projects/releases that could now make a Fall/Winter window.

    Working from home is no doubt a challenge (many of us have personal experience with that), but most companies have gone through that transition and are making progress on remote efficiency. Let’s presume that development of most titles more or less ground to a halt in order to make the transition to WFH. Now that we’re almost two months on, one would have to imagine that some hurdles have been bested and bumps in the road smoothed somewhat.

    Even if we imagine that development time doubles or triples from home, Q2 and Q3 titles were mere months away from shipping. We have almost 8 months left until the close of 2020. It would be absurd if we get no additional new games this year.

    1. Why are you counting down the amount of months left in this year? I thought there were seven months left.

  2. Fantasy Life: Second Story
    Pikmin Trilogy HD
    Metroid Prime Trilogy HD with a Metroid Prime Hunters remake with split screen multiplayer! (This would really be cool)

    Also, I’ve been playing a lot of Dragon Quest IX, and that game could really benefit from a remake.

    1. If we’re putting a wishlist or speculation list here…

      I wonder if they’d go ahead and remake A Link to the Past in the same engine as Link’s Awakening. Personally, I think an Earthbound remake (or even trilogy remake) would work well in that graphical style.

      A new FZero or even a Starfox that isn’t a remake of Starfox 64 would be cool. DOUBTFUL… but cool.

      And if I can throw out two “never gonna happen” ideas… a new golden sun or a HD remake of the first two games combined would be awesome. Also a new (or I’d even settle for a remake of the first one) Chibi Robo.

  3. Can we at least learn what those titles are? I know Nintendo usually loves to hold their cards close to their chest and typically only show them when they’re within half a year from release (with some obvious outliers, like BotW 2 which we’ve known about for a year), but these are extraordinary circumstances. I hope they decide to break their silence and tell us what’s coming up, even if those projects have been pushed back.

  4. Does anybody here even understand what this means? It means nothing but that they have small, almost mobile level of irrelevant undisclosed titles. Big games get announced at least a year prior to release. Unannouced titles that will release within 7 months are stuff like Snipperclips 2, Ring Fit 2 or maybe a port of an old game or DLC to existing games. In other words: THEY HAVE NO UNNANOUNCED BIG TITLES TO BE RELEASED THIS YEAR SO YOU BETTER DON’T EXPECT ANYTHING OR YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED.

    1. “Big games get announced at least a year prior to release”. ever heard of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? or Super Mario Maker 2? Or Pokémon Sword and Shield? or Super Mario Party? or Splatoon 2? or SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY? Literally almost every big Switch game was announced and released within a year.

      1. Also including some other Nintendo systems… Super Mario 3D World, LoZ: A Link Between Worlds, Link’s Awakening remake, Majora’s Mask 3D, Wind Waker HD, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Mario Kart 8, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Super Smash Bros Melee, most Pokemon games, Kirby Star Allies, Kirby Planet Robobot, Kirby Triple Deluxe, oh my god I can’t keep going it’s a lot ok

  5. It feels dead as always Nintendo. First two years strong then a console left dead. I’m not interested in the only Animal Crossing, so I’m still playing with 2019 games. Luckily the PC is my first gaming platform. PC all the way.

      1. Other platforms holders are still releasing games, that’s a poor excuse. Nintendo simply can’t sustain lineup for long periods of time (it always cover well the first two/three years then the few teams it owns begin working on new projects), it’s always been like that. And without big third parties like EA and Activision onboard it’s struggling to release AA games on its the platform. Same old story.

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