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Nintendo says it will add more features/mechanics to Switch Online to make it more enjoyable

Translator Robert Sephazon has briefly translated the recent Nintendo investors briefing. One of the points made by Nintendo at the event is that they are looking to continue adding both features and mechanics to Nintendo Switch Online to make the service more enjoyable and convenient. The Kyoto-based company also said that over 100 million Nintendo Accounts have been created, but wouldn’t say how many Nintendo Switch Online members there were.

16 thoughts on “Nintendo says it will add more features/mechanics to Switch Online to make it more enjoyable”

  1. That’s good to hear but they’ve said this at nearly every financial briefing and then not much has been added

    1. Yeah last time they said that they added Snes and the occasional free game for the week but like nintendo says they would add “More” features, that’s something they barely been doing it’s barely anything if you ask me considering they only added two features, not to mention one feature was already suppose to be there when online launch, and the other feature is really temporary.

  2. What if they do add a new feature, how are they guaranteeing us it won’t be the same issue as the “online invites” feature were is just there but never used? Why does Nintendo fail of using their own system to its peak potential? Its so frustrating and dumb!

    1. Jack Jessie Turner

      I agree. They need messages for one. Online invites are annoying half the time I get them I’m not even playing that game or on the switch.

      1. Paper Mario Amiibo

        Man, I guess that I’m in the minority. We have the online family plan. Between me, my wife, and my son we play (online): Mario Odyssey (Luigi game), Overcooked 2, Tetris 99, Friday the13th, SSBU, Mario Maker 2, multiple NES & SNES games (particularly w/siblings who live out of state), Mario kart 8 dlx, Mario tennis aces, Mario and Sonic Tokyo (only a couple times), my wife loves Splatoon 2, Wargroove, Mario Party, I don’t really play it but we have Minecraft, Rocket League, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Super Bomberman R, and there’s dozens of other games that I own, with online support, that I didn’t even mention. Haven’t played them much or not anymore. This doesn’t include the AAA games I don’t even own like Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Fire Emblem, Sports titles, Fortnite, etc. It’s so easy to get a free one year subscription. Why do you ppl act like this isn’t a great service? It’s not perfect but it is great!

  3. I agree on that 100%. They will roll something out – like “Platinum Points” that you can earn in Switch titles (in addition to mobile), and then basically only Astral Chain supports these “achievements” of sorts. They will create a cool add-on/feature like Amiibo or the eCard Reader back in the day, promise that they will be a vital part of the business, and then not support them in their own titles. I hate for companies to “shoe-horn” thing into games, but when you make a promise to consumers, you should at least deliver with your own projects (and encourage 3rd parties to contribute).

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  5. Thank GOD!!!
    I was getting tired of the backlash it’s getting.
    I mean sure their NES and SNES libraries have a lot of good games in them and the service is cheap, but if it’s lacking the features XBOX Gold and PS Plus are offering then what’s the point?

    Hopefully one of said new features is to do voice chat WITHOUT the need for a phone. And that’s not even mentioning the potential N64 and Gamecube libraries.

  6. They need to add some kind of voice communication within the system and not rely on a fucking phone app!

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  8. Such bad lag for a PAID online service is unacceptable. I hope they fix something major about the servers….i’d rather have good online than 6 new smash characters tbh

  9. They “said” they’d make more switches a while back. Theyre still $500+ on amazon. Love you guys, but don’t lie smgdh

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