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The Outer Worlds for Nintendo Switch file size is 9.8 GB


The Outer Worlds finally comes to Nintendo Switch on 5th June. For those looking to download this RPG digitally will want to ensure that they’ve enough storage space on their SD card as the base game is coming in at 9.8 GB according to the eShop listing. It’s also worth remembering that there’s a possibility of a day one patch which is said to be roughly 6 GB.

The Outer Worlds is currently priced at £49.99/$59.99.


11 thoughts on “The Outer Worlds for Nintendo Switch file size is 9.8 GB”

    1. Retro, no originally the game was going to be completely digital with no “real” physical release. If you look at the original Walmart listing you’ll see it says The Outer Worlds and at the top of the box it says download code only inside. After some outrage and the delay they decided to release it on a real physical cart. But even so it still requires the day one patch of 6GB. That’s still a savings of like 10+GB which is worth it to me.

  1. Wow, I just upgraded last night from a 256 GB card. To a 400GB card. And I still only have 40GB left. Guess I should have gone with 500GB since I’m also waiting on mk11 dlc, smash dlc, this^, possible Mario collection.

    Really they need to lower the price of 1TB cards. 😅

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