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Virtuos believe that they can bring any current-gen game to the Nintendo Switch

In a recent interview, Virtuos senior producer Zhang Chengwei has stated that the company is now in a position to bring any PlayStation 4 or Xbox One game to the Nintendo Switch platform. The team has worked on numerous Switch ports including Dark Souls Remastered and the upcoming, The Outer Worlds. Here’s what Mr. Chengwei had to say:

 “[We] developed a clever general-purpose rendering library that allows XCOM 2 to be rendered directly on the Switch without changing the original rendering module from Unreal Engine 3,” which helped to deal with the Switch’s reduced memory (4GB–the PC version requires 7GB). “I’d say that we spent half a year just to optimise the memory, and we used many methods throughout this period, including using more efficient formats for files, removing needless memory usage, and even modifying and optimising the original console’s memory system”

“Off the back of our work on Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Dark Souls: Remastered, The Outer Worlds and the coming XCOM 2, we now have no doubt that Switch adaptations can be worked for games on any of the current generation of consoles.”

“The more games we develop for Switch, the better we get and the more we can squeeze out of the hardware,”

– Virtuos senior producer Zhang Chengwei

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31 thoughts on “Virtuos believe that they can bring any current-gen game to the Nintendo Switch”

  1. One problem, the Next Generation of console is about to start. Which I don’t see as a bad thing. I feel like we’re going to see more 3rd Party exclusives once the next gen consoles come out. Developing for switch would give companies an excuse to have shorter development time and help save on cost. Not everyone wants to make a 200 hr Open World Game with the most realistic graphics possible.

  2. Im sure it’s not hard to drop resolution to 540p. Halve the framerate, massively increase loading times and have the graphical quality worse than Ultra Low pc in order to port a game to switch.

    The thing is nobody wants to play games like this. So why bother?

    1. Durr you are not worthy of an intelligent response. Your arrogance and ignorance knows no bounds. Doom 2016, Super Smash brothers ultimate, the Witcher 3, all running at 1080P-720P docked locked 60 FPS and 30 FPS.
      The guys at marvelous, panic button and Nintendo’s studios make the greatest games in the world. Here you are spouting mediocre and uncouth lies. Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 are two of the greatest games ever made. The run on a Wii that was power levels below the ps3 and Xbox 360. No games on those systems till this day even match up. Even breath of the Wild and it’s game of the generation fears those two.

      Nintendo “ leave luck to heaven .”


      1. There’s a difference between as game that is exclusive to a console and a game thats an inferior port. Is a game like Doom on the switch good? Yes its a great game. Is it equal to every other version of Doom? HELL NO . The problem isn’t with exclusives at all. The issue it that all “modern” games are inferior on the switch and if you have a choice ( owning a switch as well as a PC or other console) why would you continously purchase inferior versions?

      2. I don’t think that’s right. I know for a fact the Witcher 3 port has a variable resolution you can literally see change before your eyes at busy moments. It also suffers slowdowns, but so it does on XBox One and PS4 too. It’s just an insane game.

        Also there’s obviously lower texture resolutions, and games like Assassin’s Creed sacrifice a lot of crowd density.

        Not trying to argue it’s not impressive.

        But the way you started your statement “Durr you are not worthy of an intelligent response. Your arrogance and ignorance knows no bounds.” you may as well be talking about yourself.

    2. For the people who want these games as a handheld experience. Yes, the switch version of a big budget game is going to be objectively inferior to its console and PC counterparts, but the trade off is getting to play it anywhere comfortably.
      If that doesn’t matter to you then that’s fine but it does matter to others.

  3. Nintendo cant hide anymore..
    no one says they should compete with sony and MS in power play but with next gen consoles coming, we need a new more powerful switch.

    In PC terms, jump in tech also raises the “minimum requirements”.

    hopefully Nintendo is just waiting for the dust to settle after the xbox SX and ps5 get released this year to announce the switch “pro/2”

    1. raptoreagle, tell me an exclusive game on the PS4 or Xbox One that is better than Breath of the Wild or Mario Odyssey on the Switch. In fact tell me a game on the PS4 or the Xbox one better than Super Mario Odyssey one on the Wii, or Ocarina of Time on the N64. Nothing you will mention is even 73 percent of those games in greatness. Move on and stop being cynical, one Xenoblade chronicles remake crazy leak and you Xbox lovers with no games of esteem come out of the wood work like termites.


      1. Odyssey sucked. BotW is good, but Horizon Zero Dawn looked and played far better. I’d take HZD over any switch exclusive every time.

      2. Merfner HZD was put down as soon as it was completed. People still till this day don’t feel allure when thinking of Horizon Zero Dawn. The most boring monotonous game I have played in years. It is not in the same league as Mario odyssey or the greatest game of this generation, Breath of the Wild. A game that’s is still mentioned and used as a new template for open world. Breath of the Wild 2 approaches. Just like ocarina in its time, Nintendo still makes games that are memorable and a joy to play even today.


      3. You are literally the worst, a horrible human being. Who talks down to others because he’s so ignorant and pig headed, and doesn’t even see the irony in everything he says.

        You have a real problem sir.

        But okay. Witcher 3. You are aware of it, cause it’s on your precious console. I would argue it’s better than all the games you mentioned. Lets see, what else. Mass Effect trilogy. I mean this is all subjective, but you’re the one talking in absolutes. You can’t tell me what I think is better. What else? Deus Ex Human Revolution. The Last of Us. Horizon Zero Dawn. Spiderman. Final Fantasy VII Remake. Xcom 1 and 2. Civilization V (I haven’t played VI yet). Hmm, what else?

        GTA V
        Rainbow Six Siege (I wouldn’t necessarily agree, but Perfect ten from gamespot, biiiatch)
        Minecraft (Owned by microsoft now)
        Assassin’s Creed Oddyssey (Apparently)
        Diablo 3
        Life is Strange
        Persona 5 (apparently)

        Do I need to go on? Get over yourself dude.

  4. PS4 and Xbox One were not the beasts that 360 and especially the PS3 were at the time. Both systems were made to be profitable while the ‘Wii U is underpowered’ claim knocked Nintendo sideways and they insisted on getting something beefier but still affordable enough.

    Basically the leap from 3DS to Switch was more like the leap from PS2 to PS3 while the leap from 360 and PS3 to their successors was not as big as before.

    1. Yeah but it has NOTHING to do with “the leap” . It doesn’t matter what consoles were like most people arent buying old consoles.

  5. Was the Wii U in the same generation of PS4 and 360 or PS4 and Xbox One?
    I ask because for 3 years Switch seems to be a competitor with PS4 and Xbox one and upcoming PS5 and Xbox series X.

    So what what class is the Switch in PS4 or PS5 ?

  6. Of course all current games can be on switch. Xbox and sony block developers from making games for switch.

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