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Mario Kart Tour adds Dixie Kong to the roster

Nintendo has been working diligently on Mario Kart Tour adding new features and new characters to try to win back users. Today, the company announced that the iconic Dixie Kong from the Donkey Kong Country franchise will be a playable character to unlock in the mobile racer. Interestingly the video, which shows games she has previously appeared in, says that Diddy Kong Racing DS came out in 1997. Anyway, she’s a good addition to the lineup and hopefully she will appear in the next console Mario Kart game.

8 thoughts on “Mario Kart Tour adds Dixie Kong to the roster”

  1. For fudge sake…People have been wanting Dixie in Smash for ages as well as more DLC for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe but not only do they do neither but also put Dixie Kong is a game most people hate!

  2. Shouldn’t it be time for a new Nintendo kart game? Perhaps Super Smash Cart (with 80+ racers)? Or the rumored Star Fox GP? Or maybe a new Kirby Air Ride game?

    Or we could just finally get around to Mario Kart 9. With my dream cup: Rainbow Road Cup!

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