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The front window of Nintendo NY has been damaged during protests in New York City

As you no doubt know by now, thousands of people in the United States have been protesting for the cause of ending racial injustice and police brutality. Protests have been occurring daily in many cities across the country including New York City. Here, it has been reported that someone has broken the front window of Nintendo NY, and there are now police officers guarding Nintendo‘s store. A tweet relaying the news is down below.

27 thoughts on “The front window of Nintendo NY has been damaged during protests in New York City”

    1. I know, right.

      It’s just done to make the western public look bad in front of Nintendo (rather than passionate fan projects, leaks, or salty comments about Nintendo’s practices/direction online), so they can feel white-knighted in not giving us as many nice things (like game reveals, before they hit hit their street date and make us scramble our remaining savings over what to buy).

  1. I understand a need for forceful protests, but these rioters are going too far with mindlessly destroying things like fire trucks or attempting to murder people that may be just as innocent as Floyd. The police handling these situations are going too far too, I’ve seen footage of them going after people who are walking and going about their business, and often they instigate the problem. Places where I’ve seen police lay down their arms and march with the protestors never had riots happen, and it leaves a much more meaningful impact.

    1. Man, that’s just weird. I don’t understand these cops these days. Not all of them, just some of them. They really wanted to people to start a riot and that’s just what they wanted. I also seen a video footage that people tip over a amazon truck.

      1. I don’t understand it either, the cop who killed Floyd was blatant murder, there was no way to argue that it wasn’t. He and those cops have been on trial for murder right off the bat as soon as that footage made public, and not for third degree. The reason why these protests are happening is because 70% of people murdered by cops are black, and they are very likely to be profiled and pulled over for being black. This is a warfare on peoples’ attitudes, but what is the best way to quell peoples’ prejudice? Are the riots going to help, or are they going to escalate an issue? and how is Trump calling the military going to make things any better? Peaceful protests have been happening for years, but there is still a clear prejudice against black people. What is the solution?

        1. You know, you are correct. Not only that because starting a protest and riots feels like a war zone or war world 2 all over again. I mean, this is just madness and chaos. I understand protesting happens years ago and still happening now as of today, but I’m really getting sick of people causing riots and causing destruction everywhere around people’s business and local businesses.

          Base on people’s attitudes and behaviors, it won’t end well for everyone out there during this COVID-19 outbreak. I’m still not sure if i trust trump or not. I don’t think Trump is going to make anything like this better anytime soon even so black people out there are getting mistreated by some white cops out there for no reason. I know this gonna keep happening again and again. Black people are humans too you know.

          Well, there could be a solution from all of this Police violence to end one day.

          1. I don’t trust Trump to solve an issue like this one bit, he’s going to support the military and only talk about the people rioting saying stuff like “and we need to take care of these criminals”, and with Trump’s followers praising him like a cult that’s only going to exacerbate their attitudes against black people.

    2. It’s because Antifa has been trying to fuck America since the start. Why do you think they ended up on the terrorist list? They are done and I fear how the rioters and Looters screwing over the peaceful protesters who are trying to say their message without burning buildings this whole country will end up in Martial law if things don’t stop in time.

    3. Lots of the violence is being started by extreme right groups who want to slander the BLM movement – per intelligence reports

  2. The riots are going a bit too far right now. Yeah, i agree a bit for some of those people out there. Yes, racial injustice and police brutality has to end at some point and we all know it can’t last forever. I really don’t understand what in the world got in to some of those police officers. Going after people who are walking and minding those own business its just to get things worse for there career. Some cops made the riot happen and this is what they wanted. They wanted thousands of people to protest and start a riot and be very angry. This is what they wanted.

  3. As someone who lives in Minneapolis, I’m getting real tired of the rioting. None of these businesses had anything to do with George Floyd’s death so why even attack them? The offending officer was arrested and charged with murder, stop it already. This really isn’t about George Floyd anymore, it’s about getting free shit and pushing far left political ideologies (see Antifa). You are sullying the movement and George will no longer be the first thing people think of when they remember the riots of 2020. It will be of all the burnt down buildings and historical monuments.

    1. Just feel like it’s important to recognize that antifa is not an organization. It stands for anti-fascism and is just an ideology shared by most of the world.
      I’d also argue that yes, the cop who murdered Floyd is facing justice, but countless cops don’t. 40% of cops commit domestic violence and of those that do, more than half keep their jobs. On top of that, police incite much of the violence in these protests, protesters are often put in a position where they have to fight back for their own safety. That said though, the actual BLM protesters who are choosing violent protest are valid in their expression. I believe in violence as a last resort, but we’re at a point with civil rights issues where last resort tactics are appropriate. Peaceful protests for civil rights have been going on for decades and we’ve seen no progress with police reform at all. Yes, some people are taking advantage of the movement to just cause chaos, mostly white supremacist groups and cops themselves, but riots are the voice for the unheard. And it’s about time major things change.

      1. Antifa is an actual organization that is divided up among seperate cells that act independently, like a terrorist organization. They all share a common ideology and a manifesto and are pushing a political ideology. These are all within the definition of a terrorist.
        Antifa has also existed for almost a century dating all the way back to pre-WWII with it splintering off to the US sometime during the late 20th century.

        Violence should only be used if we are under a supreme dictatorship that oppresses its citizens using absolute power. Examples of this would be Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, and current day North Korea. We are nowhere near that. Anyways, if situations like what happened to George Floyd were happening every day/week then I would be more understanding of rioting. However, I believe the system should be changed from within and not by vigilantes. Also, violence should not be used to hit neutral parties like businesses and innocent bystanders. It’s counterproductive and those people will likely no longer be sympathetic to your cause. Violence begets violence. MLK would condemn what’s going on if he were still with us.

        Lastly, there has been little to no “white supremacist” action here. I’ve only heard speculation. It is a spin by the media as mainstream media has been shown to back Antifa before. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve heard Antifa mentioned on my local station and that was only during briefings with commissioners and military/police personnel confirming their part. If you really insist I guess we could call Antifa the white supremacists as they are 90% white and are the ones instigating the violence towards the lower income black communities in South Minneapolis. The usual tag of “white supremacists with a guilty conscience” is apropos.

    2. Sorry, but how is mainstream media supportive of anti-fascism? They are funded by massive corporations and all vigorously defend the repulsive status quo that results in people getting killed.

      Also we ARE being oppressed by a government using absolute power. Countless instances of protesters just chanting and walking are suddenly interrupted by our overfunded militarized police force attacking them without cause. It’s not shown on the news because they are desperate to continue the narrative that cops aren’t the problem. The main job of cops is to oppress minorities and keep the ruling class in power. That is how it’s always been.

      And let me clarify what I said about Antifa not being an organization. You’re right in that there is an organization called antifa that exists. But there’s no reason to believe that most people who are anti fascist are part of this tiny organization. By calling it a terrorist organization, our corrupt law enforcement system can label anyone who is anti fascist as a terrorist, and I’m sure they won’t hesitate to do that. Every government leader in every party thrives on silencing the oppressed and keeping themselves in power. The vast majority of anarchists I know are people that volunteer at food cupboards, peacefully protest, focus on keeping people informed. And sometimes violence happens too, but only when necessary. Riots are productive sometimes. I don’t think the LGBTQ+ movement would be nearly where it is today if it were not for the violent stonewall riots.

      1. Mainstream media has defended Antifa multiple times and are currently doing it right now. This dates back to a couple years ago when Trump first suggested them being classified as domestic terrorists. As I’ve already stated before, violence begets violence and being racist towards people will only make those people racist themselves. It’s pretty simple stuff, you aren’t going to convince people with scare tactics or by the use of force.

        No we’re not under an oppressive government. The police obviously needs more training but we aren’t anywhere near the examples I listed. Like I said this would be happening on a near daily basis if it was. Stop listening to the intersectional nonsense coming out of MSM and your professors’ mouths. It’s pretty evident by everything you’ve just said. You seem to have a lens that looks at the world in the “us vs them” or the “oppressed vs the oppressors” mentality. That’s just the wrong way to view life and none of it is true.

  4. I can’t believe how crazy SO many people are. As if ANY of these riots are going to accomplish a darn thing. The only thing people are going to accomplish by rioting is getting themselves thrown in jail (possibly where the coronavirus is thriving. Then they’ll die because of it). I’m glad I was born with more common sense.

  5. I condemn the parties responsible for the damage the same way I condemn Anita Sarkeesian and Jack Thompson for attacking video games. I will not show support for protestors who attack my interest. I’m seeing that copy and paste statement all over social media clamming they stand for inclusion. I highly doubt some the companies expressing it actually believe that. I find various examples of their hypocrisy but I won’t list it here.

  6. This is so dumb, honestly I can’t go anywhere because of my skin color I have to stay in alot more than usual, and go out early just to get groceries, hopefully none of the main stores will be broken down or burn, it’s sucks even more because racism is even worse in the south and that’s where I live.

  7. I see people pulling statistics and balme it on white cops only, and you’re saying they are the prejudice ones. Those statistics include African American Cops, Hispanic Cops and Asian American Cops as well, they aren’t 100% white cops. I also feel like these situations bring up ideal confrontation between groups. People get angry when they see American cops just stopping people, but they don’t realize that countries with stronger gun control also tend to heavily enforce Stop and Searches. For example, Japan is often heavily praised for its gun control, but people ignore the fact they have police on every street at all times and they all are given Stop and Frisk quotas. Not to mention they have strong border control as well. They don’t have large landlocked borders that they underfund. I say this because people are so quick to putting out solutions for certain issues without thinking what it means for other situations. I also think people just straight up like to ignore the fact that their are far more black people in gangs than their are white people. Quite simple, when American cities where original built Africans where often turned away from jobs, which led to them having little to no money and the only places they could afford to live where in the red market areas and places with high crime rates in general. Over the course of generations many children where taught gang mentality. Some may call it white privilege, but many white children weren’t raised in that environment and are often taught to fear guns. People may get angry when they hear this, but their simple isn’t many white neighborhoods where you have people telling you not to go down so and so street or you will get shot. So even if we somehow weed out every jackass who decided to become a cop, the statistics will still show more black people getting shot by police as most of them come from areas with gangs. Even if you made that all those areas where handled by African cops only, because again, some people seem to think it’s only white cops that is the problem, you’d still be seeing people getting shot.

  8. They are not even protesting anymore. They are just rioting for the sake of rioting. I’m all for racial equality and against police brutality, but these riots have long past stopped being about those reasons.
    Also, it’s truly sad that some police officers would tarnish the profession of so many who took up the badge in order to truly serve and protect.

  9. As real as this protest is, this is still a Nintendo news site, and any moral discussion about the protest can be had on several different (more in-depth) articles on different news sites.

    As far as Nintendo’s stake should be in this. One of their windows simply got smashed (and a shame-monger placed a random Mario doll there, out of all the several billion other Nintendo characters sold at the store).

  10. This riot is so stupid. Why the hell are people putting this out on businesses? This type of shit just going to cause sequels to take even longer.
    I been waiting for Mario-Rabbids 2, Pikmin 4, Astral Chain 2, Luigi’s Mansion 4. I dont want to sit around play one game and gave to wait 12 years for a sequel because of this dumb riot and this dumb virus

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