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Here’s the items Animal Crossing: New Horizons owners purchase the most on marketplaces

A number of sites have seen success with Animal Crossing: New Horizons marketplaces where players can purchase and sell whatever in-games items they need and want. The items can then be purchased by using the Animal Crossing: New Horizons in-game currency Bells or even by trading various villagers. Polygon reached out to two popular Animal Crossing marketplace sites to find out which in-game items have proved to be most lucrative for consumers. Here’s what they found:

Nookazon, the leading Animal Crossing marketplace:

  1. Nook Miles Ticket
  2. Cutting board
  3. Ironwood dresser
  4. Crescent-moon chair
  5. Fish bait

Nook.Market, another popular marketplace:

  1. Cute Bed
  2. Soft-serve Lamp
  3. Pinball Machine
  4. Floor Light
  5. Cute DIY Table
  6. Espresso Maker
  7. Double Sofa
  8. Imperial Bed
  9. Imperial Partition
  10. Cute Sofa


5 thoughts on “Here’s the items Animal Crossing: New Horizons owners purchase the most on marketplaces”

  1. Lol I wouldn’t use any of those sites, I heard alot of users on discord get scam on certain items by other users, and how certain villagers are overprice on there, it’s a neat thing but I wouldn’t trust anybody on their for real unless I was buying something very basic

  2. Fish bait’s definitely accurate. Made 25 million bells the weekend of the first fishing tourney off of the bait I spent all week farming lmao

  3. That reminds me: the ESRB rating still mentions “in-game purchases”. Has this turned out to be an actual thing? I’ve yet to see any “in-game purchases” (meaning microtransactions, usually?) in ACNH.

    1. Pretty sure it’s because you can buy nintendo online from within the game if you don’t already have it when trying to access stuff

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