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UK: Nintendo Switch hardware sales have more than doubled in the first half of 2020

Video Games Chronicles is reporting that Nintendo Switch sales have more than doubled in the first half of 2020. This was in part due to the UK lockdown which saw all console manufacturers benefit but Nintendo came out above its competitors. The arrival of new hardware stock in May also helped fuel sales of the system.



  1. I wonder if it will have the momentum to outsell the Wii. It’s already on its way to become Nintendo’s second best selling console if it hasn’t already.

    1. All it needs is a release of Breath of the Wild 2 and it will easily outsell the Wii. An announcement of Mario Kart 9, or a new Super Mario Galaxy 3 would send the Switch into other galaxies in sales.

      1. I’m still highly skeptical if it can reach up to that point. The Switch has been flying off the shelves for months, but the Wii was hard to find for 2 years. When my sibs finally saved up enough it was June of 2008 and we had to find a store that just got their shipment in, and all of the other Wiis were already claimed by a small group of people.

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